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I wish them luck, too.
My lady-friend just joined this group apparently.
Very cool news. I'm still hoping to see more of this in Mississippi one of these days, but until then, I'll just have to live vicariously through you. Best of luck with the new group.
I did not start this group. I am sorry if I gave everyone that impression.

However, I started three local groups in Alabama on meetup. I paid for the hosting and gave advice, but I was largely out of the picture. A few months ago, I handed all of those groups off to the members and they seem to be doing well.

If you have time, money, and feel strongly about helping to spread secular groups, I would encourage you to start local groups in Mississippi and find people who want to run the group. Meetup.Com does a good job helping people run a group. It provides quite a few tools to make it easier. (It cost $72 per 6 months.) With that you are able to start 3 groups anywhere. If you (or any Mississippian) need help in organizing a group, please drop me a message/email. I'll try to help.

Keep up the good work, vjack!


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