I just joined the site, and thought I would check and see if everyone is aware of Lake Hypatia. It's located near Talladega, AL, and is home of the Alabama Freethought Association, which is the local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. We hold meetings every third Sunday of the month, with a potluck lunch and speakers on various relevant topics. All atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, or whatever are welcome to come join us and meet fellow freethinkers. There is also an "Advance" (as opposed to retreat) on the fourth of July weekend, or closest equivalent. This year it's June 29 through July 1. There'll be camping, fishing, swimming, volleyball, a film festival, notable speakers, and tons of other fun stuff. 

On a personal note, I grew up in the backwoods near Talladega, and I'm sure I don't need to describe to most of you the feeling of isolation that's inherent to non-Christians in Alabama. So imagine my surprise, after living here for almost 30 years, at finding a place like Lake Hypatia less than ten miles from where I was born and raised. That was only last August, and since then I've met more godless heathens from my very own neck of the woods than I ever thought possible. Even more eye-opening was the Reason Rally, where I found myself standing shoulder to shoulder with more than 20,000 fellow freethinkers. But the best part is that for every new face I see, I know that's one more person who knows they aren't alone.

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Is it a kid-friendly event?

Yes, the Advance and the monthly meetings are both family-friendly. There are a couple of kids at the meetings regularly, and we're looking into setting up some games for the kids this summer. I know there were some children last year, but I don't know how many or what they did, since this is my first year going.

Sorry, I don't live in Alabama, just wanted to comment on the name of the lake.  Interesting, must have been some free thinkers there to give it that name.




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