I wanted to introduce myself since I just joined the group. My name is James and I live in the Lake Martin area of Alabama, more specifically Alexander City. As far as I can tell I'm the only atheist in the area. I haven't met another one, or at least anybody that was willing to say they are an atheist. This town is just as intolerant about atheists as the rest of the state. It's nice to join a group where the members resides in this state and know what it's like.

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James, thanks for this post.  Now I appreciate where I live a lot more, Sarasota Florida.  I had a friend living somewhere in Missouri and he emailed me saying, "You better not even think of moving to a place life this.  You wouldn't last five minutes."

I said, "What about if I keep my mouth shut?"

He returned, "Doesn't matter.  They know what you're thinkin'." 

That's as close to totalitarianism as I ever want to get.



It's not easy being an atheist in the south. I'm doing a research paper for college about the discrimination of atheists. In my research I've not only found that the southern states are less tolerant of us but most think we are as trustworthy as rapists. Out of all the countries around the world that offer freedom of religion, the United States is the least tolerant of others. As much as I love this country that is a painful statistic.

I know what you mean James. Welcome to the site!

I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome James! I know how you feel, but trust me, there are more of us around here than it seems like. I know of a few dozen just in Calhoun County where I live. The problem, of course, is that most people aren't quite ready to be vocal about it yet. That's definitely changing, though. But hey, if you live in Alexander City, you're just south of Lake Hypatia! You should come check out the FFRF's big Independence Weekend Convention! There were around 120 people last year, so it would be a great chance for you to see just how not alone you are. We also meet there on the third Sunday of every month, where we have guest speakers, a pot luck dinner, or you can just hang out at the lake. You can check out the info for this weekend's convention here if you're interested. If you're not into facebook, our info is on this meetup group, or here on the FFRF website. Come and see us!

Thanks for the welcome and I know there are more of us than it appears I just hate having to hesitate about telling people. I don't hesitate because I'm afraid of backlash, I'm just tired of people treating me like I'm incompetent simply because I don't believe in an invisible man in the sky. I would love to come check out one of the conventions though but with my situation right now there's no way I can make it up there. Maybe I can after I get a car but for now transportation is always an issue for me.




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