This is a recent letter to the editor published in the Dothan Eagle:

Letters to the Editor
Published: January 6, 2009

Grade school textbooks teach evolution as fact. It is a monstrous lie that harms our children.

The evolution theory says we evolved from the original Big Bang and later crawled out of a green slime from the ocean.

Here is one example of its ludicrous hypothesis.

Of all the mysteries surrounding evolution, the one that is most baffling to the evolutionists, is “water.” Where did all the oceans come from?

As explained on the National Geographic program, it came from a massive collision in space. As the Earth was cooling from the Big Bang, it was approached by a stray planet that was teeming with water. It collided with Earth, spilled its water onto the Earth, then careened off into space.

Talk about fairy tales. By the way, where did the stray planet get its water?

Come on evolutionists, surely you can develop a more plausible explanation that can be easier to swallow. Until then, I accept the Bible’s answer. After all, the 4,000-year-old book has a perfect track record.

The evolution theory is only 140 years old.

Bill DeJournett

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This was picked up by Pharyngula a blog by PZ Myers. Dr. Myers is a professor of biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris. He is notable for his outspoken atheist advocacy on his blog.

The stupid, it burns on Pharyngula.

Mr. DeJournett is fractally wrong. He is using a normal creationists and apologist tactic. That is to state an argument with so many errors in it that it is as if shotgun has gone off. That makes it hard to refute.

This inspired me to start a Meetup group in the Dothan/Enterprise area, Southeast Alabama Freethought Association. Please join if you live near the area.

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I love these arguments, as a scientist I have a hypothesis I am willing to test. The earth is made of play-dough. OK, now I go out and dig a hole. No play-dough so my hypothesis is wrong. So, I change my hypothesis the earth is made of rock.

Now same hypothesis from a creationist. The fantasy book says the earth is made of play-dough. Your going to hell you heathen for no blind faith.




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