The primaries were depressing. Nearly every website I went to for candidates info started off with something about Christian values or where the candidate went to church, or how much we needed God. I ended up voting for people whose websites seemed the least nutty.

Are there any candidates out there who have any kind of pro-secular record?

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Well, if the one attack ad against Byrne is right, he at least believes in evolution and is willing to consider that the Bible might not be literally true. Of course, sadly, Mr. Byrne then came out with a rebuttal about how his faith in Jesus Christ was the bedrock of his life or some other claptrap.
That's what's so frustrating. Even if Byrne or anyone else is a rational thinker, they will act like a religious fanatic to get elected in our state.
All politicians lie in the campaign, otherwise no one would vote for them. The trick is to try and figure out what their lies are and what they might actually do when elected. I wish I could offer some insight as to how to do this, but honestly my own track record hasn't been very good.

So I try to gauge what they'll do by what they've done. In the case of Byrne, we know he has supported the teaching of evolutionary biology in Alabama schools. So in the absence of more reasons to vote for someone else I suppose I'd vote for Byrne.




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