My searching so far for an Atheist group here in Mobile has come up fruitless thus far. I have heard about such a group but have not been able to contact them. So if anyone has information about them, please pass it on to me.

Or, in absence of such a group, I would be very interested in starting a new group for anyone in the area.

Please get back to me with details. :)


Albert L. Terry, III (which may soon change depending on how my family takes the news of my freedom)

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Your prayers have been answered!!  :-)  We are now 111 strong (I invite you to make it 112!)


Chuck VonDerAhe

Thanks for the invite, 112 it is! See you at Serda's on Wednesday.


Albert L. Terry, III

USA has a student group that hosts events during the school year as well: Secular Student Alliance at USA
Thanks, Gordon. I'll be sure to look them up.




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