A merger made in Seuss: the on-again off-again pagan and New Age magazine Green Egg (currently on since 2007) could boost its circulation numbers by offering a deal for those who also become members of the American Radio Relay League. ARRL members (amateur radio operators) receive its flagship publication QST.


They could thus get both their green eggs and ham. – James, N4XMH.




Please consider reading and signing my atheists, agnostics, and nones acknowledgement petition on the White House petition Website. Even if you choose not to sign, please consider what it means when a sitting president's campaign adviser can blithely state that he does not view 1/5 of the American public as a constituency, what it means for our civil rights, and what it means to others who are religious that hear that. It is as egregious as Mitt Romney's 47% remark.

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