has a chat room


it is dead quiet.

Great things about jabber is that you don't have to be subserviant to google, facebook, AOL or IRC moderator.

Jabber software called Pidgin is superb and it offers video and voice chat as well as private conversations. All free


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I've setup a conference room on:

named skeptics, to add yourself to the room just add the buddy

 (you can append your alias with your callsign: galen-VE1GAT)

to join the hamradio chat / conference room add the buddy

Hey Galen. Thanks for putting this in place on the site? Are you one of the admins?

I had downloaded Pidgin and am trying to register for the use of the chat room. I've put my yahoo user name in.

Is this program actually asking me to put in my yahoo password to get into it? Please explain what I'm missing?


sorry I missed your reply.

pidgin is client which lets you connect to several services.

the jabber rooms require you to have a jabber/XMPP account




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