It's bad enough I have to deal with religious tracts in the subway, where I work, now I've received one as a QSL card!  Guy takes a religious tract and puts his QSL info sticker on the back.  I was thinking of sending it back to him, but I think I might try to find something atheism related to send to him instead.

What would you do?

73, Kevin AB2ZI

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I think that is in particularly bad taste.

I am particularly incensed by that kind of thing, as it usually costs me money. Being a DX station, I get a lot of QSLs sent to my Miami address all the time, in spite of my page warning people NOT to send them there. And it costs me $1.50 just to get an unwanted QSL.


So if some jerk tries that with me, he's going to get an eyeful by email - advising him that his "QSL" has been used to help heat the house, and the QSO has been removed from my logs, and he won't get a QSL from me, from my QSL manager or via LoTW or eQSL. So forget it.

Furthermore, I will tell him that I think his ancient Semitic sky god must be a pretty feckless and powerless if it needs him to intrude on others' privacy and freedom of religion to find followers, and he is not paying very close attention if he thinks that I haven't been hearing this "call of Jesus" drivel incessantly, all my life, over and over and over. If he wants to believe in such silliness, fine for him but please respect other peoples' freedom of religion and right to privacy and don't bother them with such silly superstitions! So bug off already!

As far as I am concerned, I can only hope that the Rapture thing is true. Any hell that follows it can't be any worse than the sanctimonious, nagging Christian hypocrites we're forced to put up with down here now!


73, Scott
Well said. What I chose as my response was to send him one of my cards (he sent a SASE, so I feel obligated) but I also did a search and found some Atheist Tracts on the net and taped one of those to the front of my card.

Their site is here:
Well, here in Costa Rica, there are missionaries on every street corner, quite literally (preying on the helplessness of the many poor). They'll even come up to you in intersections, while you're waiting for a red light.

So I tell them that they can keep their Jesus-On-A-Stick. When they look horrified at the "blasphemy," I respond by advising them at how equally offended I am that they have intruded on my privacy and freedom of religion in trying to sell me on their particular superstition. That they should consider that when they are out there disobeying Jesus' commandment to not be praying in public to be seen of men. That they already have their reward, and they shouldn't expect to get one from me.

...Haven't had the Jehovah's Witnesses show up at my gate in quite some time now...

73, Scott

PS: I especially liked the "Pity The Poor Pharaoh" tract...
I'm not real nuts about sending out the QSL's. I will if someone wants one, and I have a fairly nice, IMO, card with a photo of a lighthouse here on the Island that I took in winter on a hike with my wife. I prefer a photo QSL or something interesting, but if someone is printing them out on card stock that's alright too.

But to take a religious tract and send it as a QSL card? I don't need confirmation of the contact that bad. I really don't care. But don't preach to me or try to show the world how holy and good you are. I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't QSL prayers either.

Foist, I almost agree with Darin. At the same time, I do get that urge/temptation that Kevin describes (about sending something back). I say this remembering the first superstitionist card I got, some 40 years ago, from a guy had "maranatha" on his card larger than his callsign.

That said, I print my own QSLs just as my Dad printed 'em over 40 years back, hand-set type & one-at-a-time letterpress. Gives me plenty room to go boring on stuff to put on 'em.

Me personal, there ain't no god to talk about and even goin' to the expense of starting the word with a majuscule. I don't get downright confrontational about it, although I did have an interesting chat with a guy claimed his subconscious was really Jesus telling him how to save his marriage once at the Dayton Hamvention (to which I go every year like the hajj). If I decide to fill that space on my card up with something that'd make folks stop and think they better put the card down before the lightnin' bolts start to fly, it would be the evil Kirk version of the guy put all that maranatha stuff on his card 40 years back.


Difficult call. I think I'll forget about it until my subconscious comes up with a solution. Kinda like I do trouble shooting any more.



Agreed. (With a sidetrack to

At the same time, I'm not a "on your sleever" either. A simple pin &c does the job. I have a difficult time proselytizing for disbelief because I do enough monitoring as it is just saying anything at all. It's like the "like" people, the ones who like can't like say anything like without like saying "like" every couple like syllables. I'm already annoying enough.

Doesn't stop me from ushering the wandering revivalists off the porch, however. And I learned long back not to even begin to engage folks I meet on the air who profess their entire existence guided by the almighty hand of whatever god gets 'em fired up good.

I don't have a problem ignoring the "God bless you and your family" stuff a lot of hams feel the need to sign with.  I can understand them putting some religious oriented icon, image or saying on a QSL card.


But an ACTUAL tract?  Come on!  That's just completely disrespectful.  Want to send me a tract?  Fine, include it in the envelope with your card, but don't put a sticker on the back where the church address would go and send it as your card.  How would you feel if I just took a wrapper from a snickers bar and did the same?


73, Kevin AB2ZI

Well, yeah. I guess it's a lot like the old OO thing. Do I really care enough to get riled about any of this? Sometimes, yeah, sure, since I look at bible study nets & similar "discussions" as a form of "see how much more I know about Jesus than you do" narcissism.

As to the original concept (send a tract as a QSL), well, that's what PDFs and The SubGenius Foundation are here for. You send me that? Ok, here's one of my weirder phenomenological markers.

Thus agreed. Cool . . .




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