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What kind of contributions do you need?
We need people who will go to a church, synagogue ect and write about their experience. What did they think of the people, what did they think of the sermon. It would be the writer's forum for what is good or bad about religion or that experience.
We also need people to write letters to themselves to before they came out as atheists. What would you have liked yourself to have known that sort of thing.
Ah I see. My sister's friend has "infiltrated" (as he put's it) the Dove World Outreach Center for similar purposes. He's been there for nearly two years now I think. I'm sure you've heard of them. Damn place with those stupid "Islam is of the Devil" signs lining the very street that goes to my Sister's neighborhood.

Good luck with your book.
I'm attaching my letter giving details the the project. I had copied and pasted it but I see it didn't post.


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