Did you enjoy your holiday?
Meanwhile, Conservatives seem to have a fetish for crucifixion.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) will punish U.S. citizens.
99% of U.S. citizens are still considered Slave Class.
Punishment for the Slave Class in 18th century listed here:


Sad thing is we are standing on the Mirror's Edge of that way of life.
Conservatives are easily fooled by shiny objects: the ruse of modern American Patriotism.

“If we must fight for our human rights; remember, they are only broken bones.
Wounds will heal but deception is forever.”

-Kenneth Neal, A Modern Day Abolitionist

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We are NOT the victims, we are the problem.  Most Americans demand unlimited gasoline at the lowest prices in the world.  Most Americans demand and waste our natural resources without conserving them.  I live in a small town and most of the people REFUSE to put their garbage into compost.  There is a mountain of garbage, trash, whoknows what next to Interstate 91 next to the Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut.  It is a monumental mountain of refusal to properly dispose of trash etc.  This city of so called affluence is too good to lift a finger to properly dispose of their droppings.  Are they the victims?  The people of this city and most all cities in the US waste their resources.  We are rather the victimizers of this planet.  When we stop pretending to be the victims, we will accept the responsibility for our highbrow ideas.

Curious how you were able to introduce the concept of being a victim while addressing a matter of entitlement and sloth.
Two separate monsters originating from two separate sources of human malice.
To employ the use of the word "Victims" would ultimately imply an origin of wrong-doing.
Obvious conservative intervention that compromise fundamental human rights are far-reaching and gravely intentional.
Our civil rights are being stripped away and constantly coming into crossfire, all the while, with a strange coincidence of increasing national gun sales & accessibility.

An increase of gun sales... a need to put people "in their place" and keep their property in check?




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