Hi everyone,

Ken Neal here with my manifesto that's available for free download via Scribd.com.
Age 29, an activist/journalist, scholarship-winning poet and a sci-fi novelist by trade.

"Evil For All Time" (E-FAT) represents a personal philosophy which holds religious and governmental motives accountable for the breakdown of modern society, setting intentional goals to profit from global human misery.

Anti-GOP, “Corporate Greed” Watch, Human Rights/LGBT Advocate, Religion Abolitionist/Atheist Advocate.


Download PDF for fully functional Table of Contents on your PC (Mac or Apple users, please advise if file is compatible, thank you!)

Thanks you for your time. If you have any questions after viewing my work, feel free to let me know.

-Kenneth Neal, A Modern Day Abolitionist
 Facebook, "Ken E-FAT"
 Contributor @  Political Fail Blog:


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