A lot of us have heard the science about the temporal lobe and how that section of the brain is where (for lack of a science-y term) religion lives. We've read about the god helmet, and about how Joan of Arc could have been an epileptic. We've watched studies on you tube about how over active temporal lobes can cause "religious types of experiences." It's definitely still being studied but all the research I've ever come across all seems to be heading in one direction. Scientists focus on overactive temporal lobes as a possible causation of religious behavior. I have exactly the opposite question.

Could an under-active temporal lobe (one who's electrical firings is lower in ratio to someone with an average brain) lead to a tendency towards atheism?

I have Type 4 ADHD. My temporal lobe is deficient. I've been secular/atheistic all my life. I am seriously interested in the percentage of atheists who have ADHD.


Temporal Lobe ADHD (type 4) and others

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I am one, but would that be affecting group bonding issues, or just a lack of imagining a projected image of a personal god?

I don't know.  I must have the over active temporal lobe because I was very religious.  I was born a 5th generation Seventh-day Adventist.  I bought it hook, line, sinker.  I loved it.  I wanted to be a minister.  I have come to Atheism slowly through education.  I am now a proud and absolute atheist.  I try to temper my drive to pound my views on other people's heads, because I don't want to be like my dad who is crazy religious with websites, etc.  His temporal lobe is one fire! :)  So here I am, religious nut turned atheist.  Go figure.




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