What do you list under religious preference when asked to select from a list?


When registering for a test at the hospital, the woman asked for my religious preference. I asked if there was "atheist" (she was selecting on a list in her computer). The woman said not and laughed like she'd never heard of such a thing. Then trying to be helpful she said, "We do have Pagan." I said that's not the same thing. I asked if she had humanist. She said, "No, but we have Wiccan" (which she mispronounced). I said, "No." She said that she could put "unknown." Just annoying. I realize that atheism isn't a religion, but there must be something better to list under religious preference. If for no other reason, I want to stop people from coming in to try to pray with me (which happened in the hospital when I had my daughter). 

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The last couple of times my father was hospitalized, he was simply asked whether or not he wanted a chaplain to visit, or any pastoral services. He said no, and that was that. (I presume a yes answer would have elicited the question of religious preference.)




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