Before I start this discussion I want to make it known that I realize a large minority of Tea Partiers are Ayn Rand-style Libertarians, but, it appears as if the majority are affiliated with the xtian right.

It seems like most of the Tea Party politicians and/or canidates like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Christine O'Donnell, etc. want a much closer relationship between church and state. Already the Tea Party has moved in on women's rights; in Georgia one politician wants to pass a law that would make miscarriages essentially illegal, and South Dakota and Nebraska want laws that would redefine rape. And here in northeast Florida a few religious groups are pushing to come into classes to teach creationism.

How will the Tea Party/Christian Right further alter US politics if they continue to hold power?

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I shudder to think of what Texas is going to do.  I sincerely hope that the Democrats in Austin prevent this shit if it is in their power.
Surely you are not suggesting Sara Palin etc have even hear of let along read Any Rand. I do not agree with Rand in at all but she is an intellectual.
Not for the better! I'm 42 years old and didn't follow politics when I was young. Now I see elected officials reading the bible in Congress and saying things like "the word of god says blah blah blah". Has our government always been like this? I'm afraid for the future. I thought I had some kind of freedom from religion? I don"t want any kind of decisions that will affect me based on religion.
The republican party is obviously pure Evil, the democrats represent everything else from black to light shades of grey, although I am thinking the public face of power will matter less and less as time moves on.

Their strategies go much further than that.  Walker of WI has specifically targeted a law with an attempt to overturn it.  This law requires insurance companies to include contriception in insurance policies.  He wants to overturn it.  A similar pattern is emerging in other states.  What has happened over the last 30 years is that corporate/business interests (that want to end Unions and worker's rights of all kinds) have merged with religious concervatives that can "bunch" thier "flock" at election time.  The corporate/business cabal isn't particularly religious but they can see the utility of joining with those that are.  The are very organized and well networked and they can rally the "base" at a moment's notice.  I assure you, they will take this as far as they can-- systematically breaking the middle-class and undermining public education at all levels (they are now targeting higher education) in order to control the message. 

I think you are right on track here.  Corporate interests are the big threat, and corporate personhood is one of the most devastating decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court. The well being of real people is subjugated to profit and religion is one of the primary means to that end.  Sports teams, which are less and less about competitive sport, have really mastered the power of emotional triggers to unite fans (which ironically is short for fanatics, right?) and religion is a huge factor.  Of course I'm not implying that every sports fan is a religious nut but it's hard to deny god's pervasive presence in sports and no doubt it serves a purpose for the bottom line.  Follow the money and you'll generally find religion.

Marcy Everest has this nailed down. I recently moved to Massachusetts from a rural, primarily Southern Baptist, area in Florida. The churches there push Republican/tea bagger candidates from the pulpit, and the congregations mindlessly follow. When you question them on their positions, they cannot articulate them. This is the only "trickle down" we will ever see.  If you enter a Walmart there wearing a Bad Religion t shirt (a rock band), you are risking life and limb. Tonya, Boortz calls himself a libertarian, but is not even close. If he espoused libertarian principles on the air, his show would last a week. He is a republican/tea bagger. Do not listen to what these people say on the radio shows or Fox Blues Channel, instead watch what the politicians they represent actually do instead. These people are coming after anyone that is not white, christian and male. That includes all of us and we better be active in our communities.


The question is, what are we going to do about all this? Polling shows a huge gap between what the majority wants and the bills floating around in Congress, so there is obviously room for improvement in congressional adherence to constituents' wishes--much of the really scary stuff is not supported by most voters. But how many times a year does the average voter contact their reps? The average is probably point-zero-something. So zealots (very vocal) and corporations (hired lobbyists) get disproportionate attention. We have the numbers to vote the bums out but we're not overseeing our employees--no wonder the production line has broken down. I think one of the most important things is to find unhappy voters like us and provide practical ways to identify and track bad bills, and to WRITE good bills (yeah, we get to do that--you can bet Goldman-Sachs drafts bills), and get the appropriate information to our reps, early and often. A good start is becoming familiar with the tracking capabilities at

The right just uses religion to keep reigns on their well-meaning but IDIOTIC base that really doesn't know a thing about the God they worship. These people tout Jesus as a way to relate to the little people, but its obvious to anyone that is even slightly familiar with the Bible that, for the most part, Conservative principles are antithetical to Christianity. Republicans are anti-welfare; the Bible says "The last shall be first and the first shall be last." Their pro-corporations and fight tooth and nail for tax cuts to rich people; "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven (Mark 10:25)." Republicans are extremely anti-gay; Jesus didn't say a word about homosexuality.


Don't get me wrong, some Conservative views are based on Christian principle. Conservatives have historically opposed suffrage for women; "I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over a man, but to be in silence (1 Timothy 2:12)." They have historically supported segregation and slavery, which there are many examples of in the Bible. I could go on, but my fingers would begin to bleed before I could possibly finish.

Sorry, *They're pro-corporations... I feel like a retard now.

Indeed, the Teabaggers are for the most part religious extremists.  The libertairians are not as intense or hateful (maybe just irrational)!  Many of you from other parts of the country will not realize that this is nothing new for the rural areas and the South in particular.  This is not a change-- these attitudes have been dominant since the time of slavery.  They are aggressive and intimidating.  They do not tollerate any other perspective but theirs.  It is a daily battle to keep religion out of public school and even institutions of higher education.  It's stunning-- really.   And they get up every day to indoctrinate their children and demonize anyone who is different... that would be intelligent and rational.  I don't know what we should do as a group, but I have gone underground if you will.  I make sure that I counter this nonsense and that my daughter is raised with a rational, reasoned mind.  We examine the "facts" and the "evidence" of arguments... We all need to do this with others.  Your suggestions?


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