Hello my friends,

What do you think, do we have a future as Arab non-believers?
Although the freedom issue is much better in Jordan than most of Arab countries, as there are a big number of free thinkers -I myself know many- and we can clearly see that in the Arabic non-religious forums like: Ladeeenyon/El7ad.. etc, but that's all virtual.. non of this can be done on land.. we are not protected at all, anyone can simply sue us..

I am not demanding to operate atheistic meetings or sessions for criticizing religions or anything like that; for we are still far from it, but the least we can ask for, the right to choose our own thoughts and beliefs..

Socially, until the moment, most people I know (family, friends, work.. etc) are aware that I do not believe in the religions gods.. and I haven't faced any problem with that yet, but still I am risking a lot.. for example; I can be legally forced to divorce my wife, lose the custody of my own child.. or simply sent to jail for any reason.. that's a real big risk!!

My question again, do you think we have a hope to exist? especially when seeing the religious spread in our society and increase of extremists.. I am afraid it wont be easy for us.

During 2008, there have been at least 2 writers (Islam Samhan and one other.. I don't know his name) sent to jail for religious based crimes, (Samhan was later freed with a bail), but still our law can't guarantee us the simplest of rights, that it could even reach to our lives!

Hoping we could reach the day we can express our thoughts freely.
Glad to hear from you.

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Hey! no body can sue us! The only person that can separate you from your family is your wife. Trust me its not that bad...As far as writing, full freedom of speech is not guaranteed in Jordan anyways, weather it is for non-believers or anything else. It takes time, but the main thing is to stop being so undercover, we have to publicly appear! And thats why I started this group, people will never get used to idea as long as we are just cyber! There is a communist party in Jordan and no one is killing them because they are out in the street not just on web pages.
I think that we need to gather up, meet and break the ice. I believe thats THE ONLY way to do it!
Thanks for replying Sufian,

Well, I think they can sue us, you can check the story of the poet "Islam Samhan", the Jordan "Mufti" (religious authority) has convicted him for insulting Islam; while the only thing he did is quoting some of the Quranic scriptures in his writing.. he was sent to jail for that only, imagine what they can do to someone, of course the mufti of Jordan is supported by the Jordanian law that bans any article considered (by religious authorities) harmful to Islam.

Concerning the family thing, believe me any religious authority, or maybe my wife's family.. etc, they can request our separation by force, backed up by the religious definition of marriage in Jordan that a Muslim woman is prohibited to marry non-Muslim man, the case would be simple then, and of course I would be considered a "Renounced" here, and here my neck is gifted to extremists.

Although we have communist parties in Jordan; but they are not really considered atheistic at all, they represent only political ideas non religious or philosophical at all. What I'm saying is that we are still far from the public appearance as long as we are not protected by at least the Jordanian constitution. thus; yet all we have is this cyber-space to express our thoughts.

Anyway happy to read from you, and wish to talk more :)
Well, I agree that there is no freedom of speech, and I hope your not planning on publishing anything again Islam :) But as fas as family, there is no legal definition for an atheist in the Jordanian law, so its your word against someone else's. You can simply say no I'm Muslim. That is still not cool I know, but I wouldn't worry about it...Thats all I'm trying to say. As far as work to be done, I think that we need to ask a lawyer, do you guys know a good lawyer who would be interested in helping out? Class action maybe? I'm not sure, a lawyer would be really helpful to talk to...
Heey I really don't know how would that happen?! But anyway I hope the thing your talking about is safe, u know what I mean, ha?
Indeed I believe so, there is much to be done.
Hoping what you're doing would make things better. :)

Thanks for your reply Ghassan.


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