Do you think Laura Ling and Euna Lee should be released from North Korea? Or, do you think they knew the danger of crossing into North Korean territory, and should be dealt with by the North Koreans?

Is this any different from the immigrant detainees we have in our clutches? Is this any different from the innocent people we have imprisoned in Gitmo?

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I signed the petition. I believe they should be released. This was a just point someone raised on another blog. This does, however, provoke my passion for closing Gitmo. How is that the U.S can expect another nation to release intruders, or those who commit "grave crimes", but not release its prisoners (some of which are innocent bystanders)? I'm glad we are no longer torturing our prisoners. Laura and Euna could face hard, long labour hours, no health care, barely any food, or water, and rough treatment. I wonder if they will face waterboarding, or sleep deprivation (which I understand they could), or standing for long periods? I'm ashamed our country could use such torture methods on anyone. I'm ashamed to live in a country where we have prisoners. I do hope for the fast release of these two women. I also hope for the fast closure of Gitmo. I understand AI is not part of our government, and I understand AI unites to defend human rights, and injustices, and free prisoners of conscience; but, I also understand that they (and by they I mean those asking for their release who are not members of or part of AI) are being hypocritical. They must understand that we have prisoners, too; and just like you want your people to be let go, family members in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries want their people to be freed from our bowers as well.
I took part in AI's Global Write-a-thon. The case that touched me the most was this. I wrote several letters where Mohammed Mohammed Hassan Odaini is concerned. I bet his family wants him back.


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