Certainly so in my opinion! Is any of this real? What is real? Is reality simply an illusion perceived by those who who have been manipulated into this perception? For someone to believe that the united states is anything more than another corrupt regime designed to make the capitalist richer,in my opinioned have been disillusioned......is this facism? Will an iron curtain eventually fall on the American people? Will marshall law becomea part of americans way of life? Will americans be eventually imprisoned or even muredered for speaking the truth or what they believe to be the truth? I say yes to all the above. When it comes to (PATRIOTISM?) are the American people as gullible as the religious? Have the American people become so indoctrinated that thay believe that voting is a tool to make people think they have something to say in when they do not?  Seperating myth from reality is what I do......I am a realist,humanist,atheiest,and rational anarchist. Rock their fucking boat or die!

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Agree to all but the Humanist part... Humanism is an official dogma descended from Christianity. It has an official rule book, a manifesto. Jewish people can be Humanists, Muslims can be Humanists, people of any faith can follow Humanism. It's a religion which lacks a sky daddy... but since that sky daddy was created in the image of man... and Humanists adulate man and all our ridiculous gadgets, ... it's all really the same thing. Secular Humanists promote a secular state. Humanism is the postmodern version of Christianity... following Humanism will only bring more of the same for civilisation. Humanism does not speak of a change in our Western value system, it is continuation.

I guess I never thought about it that way....thx. but as for me humanism simply means I care about my fellows who suffer for any reason.......

That is simply called being humane :)




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