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These discussions about "anarchism doesn't work" amuse me. They tend to be very belief-based. The concept is, that if a system is not overthrown up until this minute (read: "if life is not eternal"), it is meaningless/a failure. If a marriage ends in divorce, it was a failure. But if a couple beats the shit out of each other until one of them dies, it was a successful marriage. Congratulations, widow, your relationship wins.

So if a community has a good thing going, lasts for x number of years, and some bastards shoot them, well, "the system can't work." That's because of the basic belief of the evil of human beings.

You could say the same of ANY system. Eventually, someone kills everyone. So they ALL fail. Leading me to think of anarchy as the default. If anarchy "doesn't work" because people are evil, NOTHING works for the same reason.

Whether you refuse to consider the basic necessity for society (hence the basic NON-evil of humanity), it's irrelevant. It's useless to consider who "wins" in "the end." (The end of what?) It makes sense to actually consider the morality of the situation and whether individuals and societies should allow each other self determination, or whether you sink into the mire that is "might makes right."

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Hear Hear! I was about to blog about the same thing following my arguments in the comments but I think you said it best. Perhaps I'll simply plagiarize you a bit :)
Actually, Db0, I wanted to respond to what you said in your last comments--I think your first paragraph really inspired what I had to say (in a much more verbiose way, ;) ).

The sad thing is, so many people actually DO believe "might makes right," if only to support statist claims.

Francois (the hubs) said he wants to make a new Hellbound Alleee show and talk about this. Although I have a feeling we've said as much, but not highlighted this notion of what a "viable system" actually means.
Also--just watched "The Last Zapatistas," which really illustrated some of this--the zapatistas were successful up until the Government pretended to embrace them and then sold off their land to developers.




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