Fullmetal Alchemist has started again and I am watching that now. I was watching Naruto and Bleach but I am about a month or so behind on them.

What are you watching right now?

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Though really this rating is way to high when I compare the series with others I've watched. The key is, really, how memorable any series is. So If I wanted to really do a good job at rating, I would wait a year after watching a series and then give my rating + review.
Just watched Arrietty, a very beautiful movie, the ending moved me to tears - not an easy thing to do. The music and visuals tug on your heart strings - it reminds me of those days full with childhood fantasy, wonderful.

So I watched the last episodes of Gosick, and Denpa Onna today. A lot of people might like Gosick but while I wouldn't say it is bad, I didn't really like it either. Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko is in the highest anime tier, the female characters shine like stars, and the art is to 'dye for;' Meme is my favorite character ^^


As for the male protagonist, I felt he had more character than usual in harem anime. One thing I noticed was that the protagonist is in a kind of constant response state, he plays the 'straight man' to the different comical girls. Another good aspect of the anime is that the protagonist doesn't end up having to chose one girl over another even though it's obvious he's leaning towards Ruko san. The unwanted advances by Meme and the 'transfer students' response is the best part of the anime.

Just watched the last Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san episode... TOTAL LOL at how Gawd is presented, though certainly a more realistic interpretation than the common ones ^^

Hey Will, are you watching all this on Crunchyroll?
What is the correct answer ^* ?

So I don't normally comment on anime before watching the whole series but I'll make an exception this time.


No. 6


Mawaru Penguin Drum


Both anime have deep psychological story-lines with great aesthetics and humor- I will definitely be watching them. What concerns me are the comments on the first episodes of these two anime - comments that show those who commented didn't think at all about the context >> Comments that ooze insecurity, close-mindedness, and culturally programed bigotry. It goes to show that even outside of individual religious sects, the monotheistic influence (of unthinking hateful bigotry) on culture if immense. Even anime, produced by a country with no history of monotheistic domination, often uses the idea of an all powerful god as framing concept.


The trigger(s) of this programed bigotry is:


boy holding hand of boy


brother kissing sister on the lips

I've been watching and enjoying Blue Exorcist which is themed around demons, Satan's sons, and the exorcists trainings.


While the idea of a single Kami and Akuma do not originate in traditional Japan, the show is far from something any US religionite I know would watch.


Even Full Metal Alchemist talked about a single supreme God, but was totally amazing and nowhere as boring as any Sunday service I ever attended.


Maybe Japanese Animators know how many North American fans they have? Or has Western culture leaked so much into Asia that our dominant monotheistic theme pervades all of entertainment...


I think the idea of the single supreme god who has a plan specifically for you doesn't necessarily have to come from theology... it is possible to come to this conclusion philosophically. That said yes, christian monotheism has seeped into Japanese popular culture.

Just watched the last episode of ero-anime Seikon no Qwaser II


Summary = Lots of ( . Y .) sucking lol

Recently finished watching Hellsing Ultimate OVA's 1-8... Neo-Nazi SS Vampires, Count Dracula, Vatican inquisitors/crusaders, Protestant British imperialists... lol. Ultra Violent goodness.
Just watched Kamisama Dolls Episode 7... and the plot suddenly turns black :P, the story reminds me more of a quality hentai then anything else now.




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