For those that haven't heard of it or seen it... SEE IT!

Really well done series, you'll be dying for more.

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Loved it!  Liked the live action movies, too--just different enough from the anime and the manga to be interesting.  Even the L-centric spinoff film (L: Change the World) wasn't *that* bad.  (To anyone who has read the manga and watched the anime--did you prefer one over the other,  or do you think they can both stand alone?)

The writing alone is incredible;  Every time I thought they might paint themselves into a corner plot-wise, they pulled out of it with an amazing twist...very well executed.  Have not read the manga, only watched the Anime and none of the Live action.

As a friend said to me recently, this is one Anime I would recommend even to non-Anime-fan people.




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