Does watching anime want to make you learn more about Japanese culture?

Since there are alot of dust and cobwebs on the discussion board, I wanted to ask if watching anime gets you interested in learning everything about Japan beyond watching the anime like the culture and language? Or do you just have interest in the anime and nothing else about the country intrigues you? Anime is art, but I find that anime would be a good way for people to get interest in the country, based of the unique art style of it, the genres offered with it, and the emotions in animation we don't usually see in any other art form. However, anime still doesn't really explain what their culture is really like. I would want to learn more about the language, but seeing that I live in the middle of nowhere (kinda), there isn't any option and the university I attend doesn't offer any Japanese language classes.

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Anime(and video games) made me want to learn about Japanese culture. I took Japanese in high school and 2 classes in college. Overall, not impressed with japanese culture. They are extremely xenophobic, sexist, and hive mind mentality. Their history is very interesting, but how they deal with people, including themselves is not something to look up to.

Watching anime got me to start listening to k-pop. As well I started paying attention more to Japan in the in news.

Absolutely. I'm with Daniel Dennet in that I think myth shapes minds. If you want to understand a culture, you should first try to understand their myths. Keep in mind that movies and television are modern day myths... and they build on older myths. I found a series that helped me understand a lot of the references that were going over my head. It's called Folktales from Japan.

There are interesting aspects of the culture which I do like, and other aspects which I don't. It's not all bad. Every culture has their high and low points.




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