Do you have any favorites among the relatively small circle of English-language voice actors working in Anime today?

List them! Names along with memorable roles in Animes you have loved.

Female voice actors:
1) Luci Christian (Kaname from Full Metal Panic, FUMOFFU; Kosuna of Desert Punk)
2) Carrie Savage (Ren of Tekhnolyze, Haruka from Rumbling Hearts)
3) Monica Rial (Jo from Burst Angel, Kurau [title character], female lead in Moon Phase, frequently cast as the best friend of whomever Luci Christian is playing in the same series); rivals Luci Christian for the widest range of different character voices. I *love* her voice.
4) Hilary Haag (Tessa of Full Metal Panic, Becky in Pani Poni Dash! Rosette Christopher in Chrono Crusade).
5) Shelly Calene-Black (Noir, Orphen)
6) Tiffany Grant (Det. Ayaka in Kurau, many many others. Veteran actress)
7) Kari Walhgren (Pacifica Casull in Scrapped Princess, among other roles)
8) Kira Vincent Davis (Puuchan and Rino from Best Student Council; like Luci C, often called on to play little boy's roles)

Male voice actors (my faves)
1) Chris Sabat (Roy in Solty Rei, Det. Saito in Darker Than Black) - very deep, resonating voice! Just awesome.
2) Crispin Freeman (Alucard from Hellsing--nuff said!)
3) Chris Patton (Souske Sagura of Full Metal Panic, plus tons of others), equally able to play heroes as villains convincingly.
4) Greg Ayres (Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Negima! {title character}) -- possibly the only actor capable of playing characters even more "angsty" than Chris Patton.
5) Troy Baker (all around UK English accent guy, if I recall correctly).

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I loved listening to Hilary Haag curse like a sailor in Steel Angel Kurumi, too....and to hear her go ballistic as Becky in Pani Poni Dash!
I also liked Jessica Boone (Christmas from Kurau, among other roles) and her voice work, but she moved away from Texas and no longer does gigs for either ADV or FUNimation that I know of...too bad, she was really good.
Also love the work of Colleen Clinkenbeard (Yuko from xxxHolic, and Rose from Solty Rei among other roles). She's also an ADR director/writer so I sometimes forget her when listing my favorite female actresses.
I would have to look them up, but the English cast for Rurouni Kenshin did not bother me one bit, in fact, I prefer the English voice to the Japanese voice for Kenshin ( I am normally a militant subber, I hardly ever watch dubs)

Since I found out about torrents (cicra 2006 for me) I will always download and watch the original Japanese over anything else. The only company that gets it right constantly is ADV, the rest are still catching up, but still not there yet (The english dubs of Naruto on Crunchyroll are horrible)
Check out FUNimation titles, there's a lot of crossover talent with ADV in actors, ADR directors, etc.


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