I mainly download via http://baka-updates.com/ , http://animesuki.com/ ,http://a.scarywater.net/.

I use Windows media player 10,VLC, and media player classic with codec pack.

The store Moviestop,which is owned by Gamestop,periodically sells their used anime for 40% off. I was able to get the FLCL Ultimate edition for 22 instead of the retail 65.

My dvd player plays divx so I keep my files in .avi and fit entire seasons on 1 disc.

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Best Buy had a good sale on their anime and I got as much as I could afford to charge.

Stream from various sights, or via torrent if it's a really good series worth re-watching. Also get it from friends who have downloaded it.

Netflix has really improved its streaming for Anime shows and I am increasingly watching more shows in this way and feel less and less dependent on the DVD rentals.  Watch a lot more now on my iPad2; It's silly and irrational, but I feel less guilty staying up late with my iPad2 & headphones under the covers than I do in front of my TV where my parents can still see & hear that I'm up.

Also, re: Manga, just started playing around with the VIZ Media app on my iPad2 and browsing a lot of the free sample content of for fun that they have on offer.  In Manga, I tend to stick to stories that I've already seen the Anime for unless it's something that doesn't have an English dub, like Toradora! or Strawberry Panic!

In Podcasts, re: Anime news, I like ANNCast a great deal and also listen to Anime World Order (AWO) when they bother to post a new episode.  Also give a listen to the Anime Nation podcast every now and then, since they do sometimes have important news about the biz and about new releases, etc.




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