I couldn't help myself. I ought to add, now that i remember, Gun Frontier. Hilarious show- do not take serious. I've seen alot of fun shows that simply do not make the cut though i would be glad to have at least temporarily to watch: Desert Punk, Loki Ragnorak, Moby Dick- yeah, they actually made a aci-fi adaption of this lol; Case Closed, Here and There, Now and Then; Shadow Skill, and a select Gundam series (most can be tossed aside.) I'm very skeptical about any of these shows being good enough to be in my top 10.

But many of us in this group have seen a plethora of diferent shows. List as many as you can think of- don't worry, you can always come back later to add on to the list, and we can even perhaps start separate discussions for the ones that casue the most controversy or are the most interesting to talk about. I'll start with what i can think of

Obviously my top ten and honorable mention, the ones listed above, and the ones i was attempting to watch. Moribito being one of them- though apparently that is no longer being aired >:(

Anyway, this is just a good place to start having discussions apart from the top 10. just make a list :)

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Like I said, I'm more from the old school of anime

Captain Harlock
Galaxy Express 999
Astro Boy
Space Adventure Cobra
Toward the Terra
Locke the Superman
Inu Yasha
Urusei Yatsura
Ranma 1/2
Dr. Slump
One Pound Gospel
Giant Gorg
Saint Seiya
Azukan cha cha

And I know I've seen more during my years in an anime group in Florida, but I can't think of the names right now. I'll try to add some later if i think of them...
Cool. Hopefully this will park discussion. Any particular genre?

Mine is a genre that i like to call "tech" anime- like Last Exhile or Texhnolyze, Now and Then, Here an There (which, if anyone has played ICO, and enjoyed, thn you will love this one too)- the entire world is built around one technology, and implements very few anime-ish add ons. Usually, the technology looks very worn in, very natural- but has mysterious non-supernatural chatacteristics. The shows are entirely emotionality based, and humanity is merely being depicted through the lense of a specific set of unique condtions. Action is also not primary. I would consider Ghost in the shell- but it is oviously cyberpunk. Big O is another- given the very cool archaeic feel of the mecha in the show- also relegated to psychological drama, and obviously mecha, but holds to that "lived-in"feel that i love to see. It shows that there is an entire world, not just a series of events occuring to the Characters.

This would also disqualify Big O becasue one of the primary enquiries is what their World actually IS- existential crisis is a huge part of it. But i have found few anime that i enjoy more than these.

Any genre-bending anime in particular for consideration? Those are the best.
dragon ball
case closed
shadow skill
and some pirate show where the dude is made of rubber cannot remember the name tho
captain harlock
big o

and morbito i think is on sci-fi on mondays
ONE Peice- it doeth bloeth.....Perpetually. literally like 300+ episodes.
It would be great if the plot was centered on someting for any length of time.

And What happened to Moribito!! I'm pissed! I haven't been this interested in a female lead since Blood+, and we all know how That turned out.
One Piece was murdered bad when they dubbed it here...the original is much more watchable, although I don't watch it personally, a friend of mine is always making references to it, which of course I don't get.

Hmmm female lead roles, know that I think of it, those are few and far between.

Hell Girl comes to mind, but it's a shonen anime all the way.
Ah yes Hell Girl- nothing special. I HATED Siya- she was the female equivelent of Shinji Ikari- though Shinji was know to get off his ass and do stuff once in a while.

Now, i have had a little time to think about it:

Negima- why not?
Vandread- Lols to be had
a little bit of Speed Grapher- didn't stick out to me.
Descendants of Darkness
Virus Buster Surge (i think- i give it a pass anyway)
Mar- i wish they had commited to that; i would have watched it.
Prince of Tennis (You got a problem?! Wanna fight about it?!)
Rave Master- High highs and Really low lows
Witch Hunter Robin- lazy ass animation, dull and slow; good concept
Trinity Blood- those fucking butchers! It was so good in the beginning!
Blue Gender- i miss that show
IGPX- Surprisingly good.
Piano- Masochism at its finest (the watching of it that is)
GTO- the very 1st episode (OVA) was the best- and there were a few great moments later on...
Boys Be- not enough fanservice *pouts*
Ikki Touson- dripping with fanservice; get past that, it's clever dissection about will and being controlled.
Gravitation- Whole thing; OVA's were just great
X (movie)- there's alot to be said.
Inuyasha- apparently ran out of money.

And i'll just add these here (not the updated and improved list):
1. Ghost in the Shell
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Neon Genesis Evangelion
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Yu Yu Hakusho
6. Wolf's Rain
7. Samurai X-trust and Betrayal
8. Samurai 7
9. Howl's Moving Castle
10. S-CRY-ED

Honorable mention: NOEIN, FLCL, Hellsing (though i desperately need to see the OVA's!)

this list definately will need to be updated once i see Air Gear all the way through- or ever get serious about Bleach or Naruto Shippuden, code Geass, Black Jack... Sigh. I won't even rate something unless i've seen the whole thing. That's a good policy right?

Honorable Mention: Trigun, Eureka Seven, NOEIN (in that order)
I liked Naruto back when it had a plot.

Neon Genesis Evangellion is probably my current alltime favorite Anime.

Dragon Ball Z was the first anime I saw, and for that it stays with me forever.

I loved Gundam Wing, but I think it died a long time ago and was replaced with some crap imitation called G Gundam or something...




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