Think back to those early Saturday mornings where you woke up before your parents did so you could watch cartoons. Reluctant to leave bed on a school day,you ran downstairs at 6:30 am for your favorite show. Remember those animes that producers had to dumb down for us to watch? What was the first anime you ever watched? What was that first one that you fell in love with and watched religiously?

Pokemon? Card Captor Sakura? Sailor Moon?

Think about it a little and tell me.

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Why do you want to know so urgently?? Are you hiding under my bed??

From what I can recall Mighty Mouse would be the first anime I watched having to get up at 5:30 am to watch it.

Ronin Warriors ( Samurai Youriden Troopers) was the first show I was "hooked" on and hated to miss an episode.
Oh, is Mighty Mouse an anime? Most of my friends (that live in my home town) say that their first anime is either Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, or Dragon Ball Z. But they are all about the same age and from the same place.

To be honest, I've never heard of Ronin Warriors.

And I'm not under your bed. Check your closet.
Yes, Mighty Mouse was produced in Japan so it defintely fits the criteria. It was in black & white if you were not aware. It was produced after Astro Boy (considered to be the first anime) and before Speed Racer ( one of if not the first colored anime to come to American homes)

I've only been watching anime for 10 years myself, but as I enjoy learning the history of my hobbies, I've tried to learn more about its origins and current global appeal.
Mighty Mouse was created by Izzy Klein and was first animated in 1942... a time when we were at war with Japan - Terrytoons' color theatrical shorts predated the TV show by almost 2 decades. I suppose it's possible that MM TV episodes were animated in Japan in the post-war period, but seeing as the creators and writers were clearly not Japanese, I would really hesitate to call it anime. Interestingly enough, Mighty Mouse's first comic book appearances were published by Timely Comics (now Marvel) in 1946.

Indeed it might serve me well to look these things up prior to posting. Mighty Mouse is definitely 'All-American' and pre-dates Astro Boy as well.
At least I got 1 out of 2 correct seeing as Astro Boy is considered to have jump started or invented the genre we commonly refer to as anime.
pokemon was the first anime i ever watched and i still watch it religiously
When I was a kid, I was bored, and looked through a bunch of old VHS cassettes. I found one Season One Dragon Ball Z VHS, thought the logo was cool and popped it in. I fell in love with Japan that day...
Starblazers (aka Space BattleShip Yamoto)
Speed Racer
Battle of the Planets (aka G-Force) -- the original english dub with Kasey Kasem, 7 Zark 7, et. al.

Also liked Ultraman, and the Godzilla spinoffs....Gamara, too...but of course, those were live action (actors in monster suits stomping around on minature sets of Tokyo, etc).

Robotech came later but I kind of went on an Anime hiatus by that time and didn't look at Anime again until after the 2000s, except for Akira (the movie).
4 AM on the sunday morning watching trigun and cowboy bee bop. Good times:>
Thanks for reviving...FLCL is definitely NOT the best anime to start with, but there is plenty of meaning despite its randomness. I have the ultimate edition box set that has director and producer notes making it a lot easier to digest and understand.
I am VERY old-school. I experienced my first anime in the early 1960's.
Jungle-Taitei (aka Kimba The White Lion, later ripped off by Disney in their copycat version, The Lion King) and Tetsuwan Atomu (aka Astro Boy) - both creations of the Walt Disney of Japan, Osamu Tezuka, they were the first anime series that made it to American network TV. I have no idea which series I saw first.

I would have to say Bionic Six.

- Exodia




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