Think back to those early Saturday mornings where you woke up before your parents did so you could watch cartoons. Reluctant to leave bed on a school day,you ran downstairs at 6:30 am for your favorite show. Remember those animes that producers had to dumb down for us to watch? What was the first anime you ever watched? What was that first one that you fell in love with and watched religiously?

Pokemon? Card Captor Sakura? Sailor Moon?

Think about it a little and tell me.

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Death Note. Oh sure, I had seen a little DBZ, Naruto, Pokemon, and the horrid 4kids dub of One Piece, but DN was the first I loved, watched all episodes. I loved the dark tone, suspense, the battle of minds, and, of course, L. But as I grew, I reconized how ridiculous the show was. I still have a fond spot for it and I still love L, but Cowboy Bebop easily surpassed it as my favorite anime.
I love death note. I was sad when it ended
my first anime was pokemon, and i still love the old episodes and love the first movie, the newer episodes do not phase me much, but after that my fiancee got me watching bleach and i love love love that show
Mmm, Voltron! I loved it so so much, which was a bit atypical for a girl at the time. I even had the die-cast lions that you could combine and the heads launched off the fists and oh, it was wonderful! Of course I look back on it now and the dubs are so awful that it's impossible to watch, but as a kid, who knows better?

I don't remember quite at what point it dawned on me that all the things that I really enjoyed watching as a kid were anime, but it certainly lead to a total obsession that has yet to die out.

I really love psychological anime now - things like Lain, Texhnolyze, Boogiepop, Death Note, Darker than Black...
I first watched Sailor Moon when I was...3-4ish. My sister, 9 or 10 at the time, got into it as well and started collecting lots of anime stuff as she grew older. It was through her that I got exposed to a lot of the shows I love now. Thank goodness for big sisters ^^
I also got into Pokemon and Digimon around 6, but I became more interested in the games and toys for them.

My first time was with Pokemon ^^ I really wanted to watch sailor moon as well but It was taboo at the time so I didn't.


Both my older brothers were into it and even more fanatical about catching them all than me, of course now they're both religious fanatics dedicating their lives to 'preaching the gospel' but there were a few good times back in the day, when I would let my imagination run wild. We even started to make our own Pokemon cards and rules... I actually felt like my brothers and I were getting along... but then religion of course fracked all that up.

Man I love Pokemon forever ^_^

I think I discovered Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Muyo at about the same time.  I was immediately hooked!

My first anime shows were Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyo (and possibly Cowboy Bebop). More like ones that were shown on Toonami back in the Mid-late 90's. Back then, I still didn't get too interested in anime until InuYasha started to show on adult swim back in 2001-2002. Ever since then, I started to get hooked on it.

Sailor Moon, of course! Although I have vague fond memories of Card Captor Sakura and Pokemon, too...


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