Ok guys- open forum on this one lol.

But there needs to be at least marginal attention brought to the subject because it exists, right?

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More importantly we know it's there, but people who don't know Anime do not understand the 2 don't go hand in hand or uh um in ya know...

For instance, La Blue Girl is hella funny and not just meant to be pornographic.
that's very true.

Or the worse offense: "It's just cartoons". That pisses me off when people say that...
Another example is Ikki Touson (sp?), very laden with near-pornographic level situations and yet a poignant discussion of fate...
Fanservice is something the casual viewer rarely understands.
I sure as hell don't get it lol.

And I'm not even the casual viewer! What's up with the homoerotic fanservice bits though? Gurren Lagann ep. 6. Enough said.
You're not the casual viewer, but you don't get the homoerotic fanservice?

It's girl fanservice, of course. Anime learned long ago what western comics are still struggling with: you can buy a female audience just as cheaply, with a bit of pandering, as you can a male audience. Throw some pretty guys into a guns-and-titties anime, have them make eyes at each other once or twice, and you've pretty much doubled your target audience.

Me, I'm a fan of hentai, but I have trouble getting what I want out of it, since I enjoy porn where women are in a dominant role. Few things turn me off more than the traditional "hot teenage girl getting mauled by faceless tubby guy" picture. That's basically why I draw my own.

I expect I'm not the only one who cops a lot of crap for liking cartoon porn but never wanting to touch a real-person porno. But for me, at least, there's nothing aesthetically appealing about a realistic, sweaty, badly-filmed, badly-lit, badly-acted RL porno. I'd much rather have it be unrealistically pretty, clean and easy. Who cares if the people are imaginary? Are you (theoretical "you") seriously going to claim that the people in real porn aren't just as fake? It's all fantasy one way or another, so I see no reason to draw a line.
FAN SERVICE ANIMES *that I can recall right now that is*: Evangelion, Ikki Tousen, Amazing Nurse Nanako, Negima, Full Metal Panic... many shows have so called "fan service" but no one is really supposed to understand it. Simply sit back, relax, remember it's just a show and enjoy. ;)

And as far as confusing Fan Service/no plotline go... check THIS out:

this link is so true.

I love a good comedy romp with lots of fanservice T&A.

I'm not as much into the straight up anime porn. Ecchi is fun, Hentai makes me uncomfortable. I used to own one and only one badly dubbed sci-fi hentai title on VHS, don't even remember the title. That tape broke, and I have long since tossed it. It was about as well made as most 70s era porn, as in, not very.

And to non-anime people, "tentacle porn" is a running joke/stereotype applied liberally to all Anime fans.

I love the nerdy-guy-in-a-harem plot device. I also really loved Karin: Chibi Vampire, too. It was a sweet high school love story with a vampire twist, and the title character was improbably busty for a Japanese teen girl. I do prefer animes where the shy guy eventually finds and summons the courage to get the girl by the end, though. I like ultimate resolution in romantic tension.

It also seems a common theme for male anime characters to either be in love with or be loved by the proverbial "girl next door"/childhood friend. Seems to repeat over and over as a theme in many anime titles.
I journeyed to a theater in NY to see the premier of Urotsukidōji(Legend of the Overfiend) which was the first time I was introduced to straight forward pornography in Anime(what people call Hentai)... I mean before that there were mild allusions to the subject of sex in Anime like in Tank Police(with the Puma twins), Project A-ko, and also in American animation; like in Wizards and Heavy Metal, but nothing like Urotsukidōji...

Either way there are clearly two types of Anime. And if a person cannot tell the difference then the need only to walk into a store that sells Anime, and they will see that there is either two separate sections, or the Hentai is wrapped or covered in some way.

I enjoy hentais the same way I do softcore porn > it's a source of entertainment. Most often, it's an unintentional comedy. And of course, many just make me WTF at them. Bible Black is the only one that has outright traumatized me. For me, oddly enough, what I remember best is the scene where they fill a woman's gastric system with enough water to make her look pregnant. >.X
Anyone want to recommend and/or share any quality hentai (or 18+ anime) circa 2007-present?




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