Ok guys- open forum on this one lol.

But there needs to be at least marginal attention brought to the subject because it exists, right?

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Any uncensored 18+ subbed anime circa 2005-infinity you would like to recommend and/or share?
The only good H I've seen so far has been Moonlight Lady and Wordsworth... and by good I mean you might, at some point, want to re-watch it from start to finish without skipping parts.

SO maybe this belongs in Secular Sexuality, but whatever...


Anyway they say how much you value something goes up in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend on that something, this isn't totally accurate but it's true enough... anyway for the last 6 six years I used ecchi and later hentai as a drug to toss away my libido. There were a number of reasons I did this but

I will mention one right now; my family has f'ed up ideas about sexuality such as sex before marriage is a sin, and divorce is a sin. Basically because of this rule any girl I was interested in would have to be perfect before I even considered being friends - because there was always the chance my libido would take over and i might end up tied to the 'wrong girl.' Others reasons include my realized hatred of faith and therefore my 'family,' my sense of being damaged goods (circumcised, sinusitis, sickness, ugly body hair, wanting to be beautiful), and the creep factor of having the faithful demanding to know exact where and what I am doing at all times while preaching their messed up theology.


Anyway to ditch emotions such as lust, rage, hate I became a save-click 2d addict - of course you can't selectively ditch emotions without losing the good ones, and this is what happened.


I am so happy that I am finally moving forward in life, that I feel I no longer have to trash my libido, and I might be able to actually start dating some real women... yet deleting my 50Gb H folder is proving difficult - there is some great artwork in there :P anyway maybe I shouldn't get rid of it until I have a lady-friend - nah I'll get rid of it in good time, I already have a crunch for HD space so my cherished cherry H folder will go sooner than latter.

...honestly, the first hentai I've ever seen was La Blue Girl...and to this day it still makes me laugh like crazy!!! But, I'll openly admit that I do like me some hentai now and then...but, I do have my limits.

I think hentai is ultimately pretty limited.  Anime styled sex cartoons should have a wide open market if you ask me but I want to see a full selection of ingenious story lines that actively try to entertain more than just the standard male view.  I don't want my selection to disappear.  But not every girl needs to be a school girl.  The existing hentai's sex is so predictable.  Ya, there's some tentacles so there's a new way to approach school girls and I think one time I saw an actual bisexual male. 


It's a format with promise but it needs to fulfill that promise and be more than an extension of the male view.  Be an odyssey into the kinds of sex only a cartoon can do and let's open it up to titles that cater to women and queers and so forth.  Then, it'll be worth watching again for more than 5 minutes.

Animated, yes.  Manga, not really.  If you've got a predilection, there's a manga for you.  For example: yaoi, yuri, bara/geikomi, shonen/shoujo-ai are all really well represented within the manga universe.  However a lot of the series that get mainstream traction (Uraboku, Maria Holic, Gravitation off the top of my head are 3 well known series) are very sanitized.  There's some kissing, maybe some implied sex, maybe see people in bed together and then it's on to the next bit.  Manga though?  All bets are off.  It's really easy to find everything from volumes-long story lines to one shot PWPs.  To give you an example of how widespread it is Maki Murakami, who did Gravitation, went so far as to publish her own (extremely) explicit Gravitation doujinshi in order to make her fan base happy.  We're talking about cross-dressing, non-con, three ways, etc. all from the ACTUAL ARTIST. 


The stuff is there, just not necessarily in animated format.


Such a beautiful H ova, that they censored this is sacrilege!

I really want to play the eroge, but alas I have a mac ;(




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