2.Death Note
4.Ghost In the Shell (first movie)
5.FMA: Brotherhood
6.Elfen Lied
8.Jigoku Shoujo

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My list would be of movies and OVAs: (like I said, I'm into old school anime )

1. My Neighbor Totoro
2. My Youth in Arcadia
3. Locke the Superman
4. Locke: Mirror Ring
5. Dirty Pair: Project Eden
6. The Enemy Are Pirates
7. Project A-Ko
8. Kenritsu Chikyuu Boueigun
9. Lupin III (any movie or OVA of his is great)
10. Midnight Eye Gokuu

For series, I'd go with:

1. Space Pirate Captain Harlock
2. Space Adventure Cobra
3. Toward the Terra
4. Dr. Slump
5. Dirty Pair
6. Naruto
7. Inu Yasha
8. Urusei Yatsura
9. Giant Gorg
10. Dunbine

There's a mess of others that my hubby and I tremendously enjoy but just can't remember them off the bat...
You probably like Live-evil fansubs then, and the original or remake of Toward the Terra?
Never head of Live-evil fansubs. What are those?

As for Toward the Terra, I prefer the remake. Since they had more time to tell the story (the manga is 3 large volume collections) they could follow the manga a lot closer. I'm also so glad that the translated the story - I would have no idea what's going on otherwise and end up just liking the pretty pictures . Another thing about the remake is that it's a lot closer to Takemiya's art style.
Live-evil is a fansub group, that has done or re-done most of your favorites,they are mostly woman by the way.

1.Princess monoke
2.Record of the lodoss war
4.Cowboy Bebop
5.Full metal alchemist
7.Elfen Lied
9.Wolfs Rain
10. Excel Saga
1. Ghost in the Shell
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Neon Genesis Evangelion
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Yu Yu Hakusho
6. Wolf's Rain
7. Samurai X-trust and Betrayal
8. Samurai 7
9. Howl's Moving Castle
10. S-CRY-ED

Honorable mention: NOEIN, FLCL, Hellsing (though i desperately need to see the OVA's!)

this list definately will need to be updated once i see Air Gear all the way through- or ever get serious about Bleach or Naruto Shippuden, code Geass, Black Jack... Sigh. I won't even rate something unless i've seen the whole thing. That's a good policy right?
Bleach and Naruto have been running for a long time, I don't see it necessary to watch them all to form an opinion. On the contrary, Bleach 50 should be avoided like a plague,a horrible filler.
Likewise after Naruto and Sasuke fight it's all fillers until Shippuuden.

The longer a series lasts the more the overall quality will be diluted. I miss Death Note but any more episodes and the overall quality would have gone down.
Bleach: yeah but my lazy ass has only followed it in english. I know about Naruto- it's bollox past ~112- and it peaked at 96 when the 3rd Hokage and Oroshimaruu fought. DBZ did exactly the same thing- Freiza was the most climactic battle in the whole series, and the least certain of victory...After that it gets very repetative, very fast.
There is something to note that the best anime in my mind are the ones with excellent english casts. No? but i heven't followed the old gaurd very much- someday!
Bleach is definitely worth a watch for the opening arcs (real world and Soul Society arcs), but I'd drop it after that unless it really manages to hook you (I still watch it, but that's mostly so I can steal what few cool ideas remain in it and apply them to the RPG I'm running). But it has a fantastic start, and would definitely be on my top-10 list if it stopped after Soul Society.
Whoops, goodbye samurai 7, Samurai champloo took you out. Anarchists are great for leads... #10 Lethal Lunacy was stunning

And S-CRY-Ed was replaced by Texhnolyze- very eerie post-apocolyptic. Impressive Iago figure...

The list needs the following addition- and i know this is against the rules but...:
11. Hellsing
12. FLCL (naturally has to be on here somewhere)
13.Samurai 7 (yes based on Seven Samurai- props for political intrigue)
14. Last Exile
15. Big O

Honorable Mention: Trigun, Eureka Seven, NOEIN (in that order)

Fullmetal Panic
Code Geass Black Jack
Definitely no rules to any list I put up... top 10 or top 300...just trying to get discussions started so we can share all the anime we like.
In no order...

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Ninja Scroll
Vampire Hunter D
Cowboy Bebop
Record of Lodoss War
Death Note
Samurai Champloo




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