If you could live in the universe portrayed by animation, which world would you want to be in?

Bleach world would be scary at times but since there is a soul society and an afterlife, I could see myself going there.

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hmmmmm................Nothing Post apocalyptic lol.

Ghost in the Shell Is really close to reality, but has the added advantage of cyberization. Fullmetal Alchemists' world i think would be the best. There is a lot of science that is done with little interferance in that one... Although the same can be said of bleach. I'm tempted to say something like Texhnolyze becasue people are so fascinating in those- or Last Exhile. Death

Any miyuzake film expresses a deep almost self sustained world rather than a series of events (FLCL), so there really are a lot of choices...
dude i would so be in naruto (the original one not shippuden) kicking ass going on missions sounds like fun to me
You couldn't hack it as a ninja lol. But then i Couldn't hack it as a Soul Reaper lol. An alchemist- yeah, i would definately love to try that! Hmmm, but what would i be...?
Hm... What about the Avatar universe?

I know that some people don't consider Avatar to be a real anime, but I really like it. It has a sort of feudal age setting with an interesting blend of cultures. Plus the whole idea of "bending" is cool.

I dunno what I would bend though... Somedays I am I air, somedays I am fire. ;)
I also enjoy avatar. I think I would be water :)
The Ergo Proxy hi-tech world, before the society collapses. Or the Scrapped Princess version of Earth. Either one would be pretty sweet.
To be honest, I'm rather easy to please... I guess Tenjo Tenge would fit me best since there is a lot of fighting and it's hand to hand, sometimes weapons/specials powers but no guns or DBZ stuff. DBZ is too easy to win/lose in and guns are no fun, LOL. I believe if your going to attack someone, it should be done 1 on 1 and up close eye to eye. Sadly, in the modern day this is not the case as most have fire arms concealed on their person or fight in numbers... so yeah, Tenjo Tenge for the win.
"Now pay me quickly... now were through. It brings me great pleasure to say my next job: IS YOU. Don't you that: Killing Is My Business - AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!" - Killing Is My Business by Megadeth.
Either that or Neon Genesis Evangelion because I'd love to sing "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" by REM as I watch everyone turn into that Tang looking liquid. Plus living with Misato/Asuka would be pretty sweet and the giant robot that respondes to my thoughts would be cool to pilot. *go to Mr. Pibb factory, open lid on fresh brew and put me inside. I'll be back after I drink my fill.* XD
*for those of you who will say Asuka is too pushy/angry, I like a girl with spirit who isn't afaid to say what she wants. I hate people who sugar-coat stuff, tell it like it i or don't bother you know? The hitting would get on my nervs but... eh, everyone has dues to pay right?*
Elfen Lied! I would love to be a diclonius with the invisible vectors that can do anything! The horns are also super cool.
Or or Chobits! I would love to have a robot thingy like that, I would own a Chii!
Or or Tsubasa! Going between alternate universes looking for your loved ones memories!
But do you really want to live in a world in which you are feared, as well? Look at how poor Nana suffered for being a diclonius when all she wanted was for her father to love her.

Chobitsu would be awesome. I want so much to mother Chii, 'cause she's so cute. It would be awesome to have a daughter who never grows up.

I don't particularly have a favorite anime world. I like all the ones that have magic, true love, and happily ever after.
Now that you mention it, there seems to be an underlying pattern of chaos to most anime. There aren't any ideal worlds to transport yourself to, but I guess the constant struggle is what drives us to watch it in the first place. It is sort of like life on earth-chaotic, violent, and unapologetic, but imaging it in a static state makes it seem duller in most aspects.
If I had to chose I think the xxxholic/tusbasa chronicle world would be the most interesting... but if I could be the main character in a harem with a good end that would probably be the best... being an immortal emperor in 12 kingdoms doesn't sound so bad either although I don't really like the idea of being under a divine order... So yeah If I could be a deity myself like Haruhi Suzumiya that would be great.




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