...this aberration concocted by a madman's ambition should have no place in this world...

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The Co$ is a mind control cult based on extremely bad science fiction. The fact that the IRS caved to these madmen is disgusting - they are a 'religion' about as much as the worship of Zeus. Cheers to Anonymous for bringing public scrutiny back to this disgusting cult

Sounds about the same as any religion to me. Let's not split hairs here. All religions are cults based on bad fiction. All organisations in the religion sector should be taxed. It's a big sector which would yeild good income to governments. That money could be used to better fund science and medicine... useful stuff.
Luke, you expressed my thoughts exactly! Whether it's the cult of zeus, jesus, l. ron hubbard, yahweh (some would say this is also jesus), allah, krishna, etc, they're all just a bunch of nonsense concocted by someone, mainly for the purpose of having power over those pathetic idiots who can't or won't think for themselves. Whatever the cult, the desire for power and money seems to always be at the center of it.
But it is much worst than most of the religions that we are familiar with. They really do earn the label as cult, due to there highly secretive way they operate, and how people in the Co$ are encouraged to seperate themselves from their non Co$ friends. They not only will bankrupt their members, they persistently harrass people who critisize them, and some of the people in their "Sea Org" have been beaten up. People who grew up in the church are often poorly educated, and have no survival skills, such as finding a real basic job, so they don't know what to do if they try to leave, and are threaten with blackmail when they do leave.

These people make other religions seem tame.
They really do earn the label as cult, due to there highly secretive way they operate

As does the Catholic Church and FLDS and others.
We talk about other religions plenty. Now we're talking about Scientology. I don't think we need a disclaimer about other religions in comparison.

Taxing churches would be one way to help the economy (along with legalizing certain things that shouldn't be illegal...) but I don't think it will ever happen b/c the churches will demonize anyone who attempts it. (Same goes for the filthy rich.)
The man said it himself, "The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion."


The above quote is a simplification and is established a little better below if you click the link. Not really very compelling but it is there.
From what I have seen of them, they remind me of the Jim Jones cult that committed mass suicide; somewhere in the jungle of Guyana. Or of the Heaven's Gate cult in San Diego California; that thought they could hitch a ride with space aliens near the Hale Bop comet - by all of them committing mass suicide as well. Their spirits were supposed to be transported to a UFO or something. It would not surprise me in the slightest, if someday we hear about the Church of Scientology doing the same thing.

Although I doubt if anybody has spent much time looking for them, there are probably warning signs that a religious group is about to commit mass suicide. It is bad enough when delusional adults do this; but the history of these groups, teaches us that they take their little babies and children with them as well.

There should be some kind of social intervention before they reach that point. And at some point, if the group as a whole shows mass suicidal urges - the children should be removed from that group - and the adults labeled as unfit parents.
The Co$ must be brought down for the lulz and for great justice.

Also, cake.




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