I started a meetup group in my town, the SKeptic Tank. Eighty miles away, in Tyler, they have a pagan group and a drum circle. The drum circle organizer was going to let it lapse, and meetup said they needed a new organizer.

Twice I had gone to tyler to their parties and spent money on a hotel and then went to the Unitarian fellowship on Sunday morning.

So I stepped up and took over. I was offering them a place to hang out and drum and that they could spend the night at my house (I have a very old house on two acres) and then drive back to Tyler.

The guy who had been the organizer said first of all that he couldn't afford the dues for meetup ($12/month) and he didn't have a job.

He and the head of the Tyler Pagans both got mad at me because I am an atheist and I signed off emails with "Namaste" which is a Sanskrit word which means "I recognize the divine spark within you".

WTF??? I am baffled and they have all resigned in droves from the tyler drum circle and excommunicated me from the pagan group. I really don't mind since they are being assholes.

I am tolerant towards pagans but sometimes being around space cadets just gets to me. Or maybe they don't like the fact that I was offering to be a hostess for their events even though I am not a drummer and 2) I don't have a dick.

I have been trying to meet non churchgoers in East Texas. I think these people must be some kind of idiots.

Is there tension between atheists and pagans that I don't know about? I have been to large urban UU churches that had pagans in them that nobody had any problems with--or at least they were people who messed with tarot cards.

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Thanks for your input. I don't go around telling people I am an atheist. I study Buddhism and it is possible to be atheist and Buddhist at the same time. And to me saying Namaste means that I salute the life force in them, whether it's godforce or not, I don't know. Merely saluting their individuality.
You are correct, they did get mad at me for being an atheist and signing emails with Namaste. Since they blew up over nothing, I see no reason to have anything to do with them in the future.

Thanx for your input!


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