I've tried not to be hostile towards theism, not that I think it is something to be tolerated or protected, but bc I once was a theist.  I know that if an anti-theist like Hitchens would get going I would have not been receptive to their arguments. My defenses would go up and I would only argue my views or storm off. Yet I can't help but be angry. The more I learn by opening my eyes the more I realize how it has impacted the people I love, myself, and everyone else the more infuriated I become. It's starting to leak out in my conversations and in my actions. Many years ago I learned to direct my anger in ways that are productive but this is one of those few things that I have difficulties with directing. About like when I deal with bigots.
I don't want to bite my tongue, but I don't want to be militant and scare/push away the people I want to help. I want to make the world better, not tear it down more than it already has been.  Anyone find a happy median or something close to it?

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Personally, I go with what I call unapologetic atheism. That basically means being as much yourself as you can be without crossing any ethical boundaries. As long as you don't do anything ethically wrong, you need not 'apologize' for your personal views and feelings. If you feel angry, there's nothing wrong with that. Express your anger clearly, without hurting yourself or anyone else, and let it off your chest. There are lots of ways of doing this without causing any harm.

Just remember, it doesn't matter how 'nice' you are, there's always going to be*somebody* who will be offended simply because you're an outspoken atheist and they find that offensive. Too bad for them. There's no such thing as a 'right' to not be offended. As long as you're comfortable with your own position and how you express it, don't worry so much about causing offense. Some people just find the truth offensive.
Well I'm not trying to be nice I'm trying to avoid becoming like the people I hold the greatest disdain for. I will not apologize for my atheism. I am by nature a very passionate person. Which in some ways can be very beneficial, but at the same token it can make me irrational and do things that may not be unethical but can be hurtful none the less. I know there are going to be those that will always be offended. I don't worry about them being offended.
Sounds like you probably just need someone/somewhere to rant then, perhaps. Let out your anger/frustration in a blog or here on A/N or elsewhere, where it's safe to go ballistic. Or perhaps find an understanding friend or a freethought group nearby. Probably if you let out your more angry feelings in a safe environment, you won't feel the need/desire to 'blow up' in face-to-face encounters with stupidity. Works for me.
Yeah that's probably it. I haven't been able to get out very much lately. And when I do lets just say the stupidity abounds.
I have a couple of rules that I follow when dealing with theists, esspecially one in particular at work who feels it is his god ordained mission to save me from hell. I never initiate the conversation, I only use logical reasoning and facts as basis for my views, and I maintain a positive attitude about the situation. Ussually these things keep me from becoming angry and spitful even though inside I completely despise theism in every way. My biggest challenge has been not becoming and evangelistic atheist as I wish I could convince everyone that theism is wrong but I realize how dangerous attampting to convert everyone can become.

I like what Wonderist says here. Try to be yourself if possible. Coming here to rant will help you vent that pent up anger you have. That's why this site is so important.

No, I find no happy median.  I'm in a situation due to my hobbies (sewing and embroidery).  I belong to several Facebook groups and, for the most part, the people there are very nice and I've learned to ignore much of the religious embroidery crap that's there and their requests that we "pray" that their design fits, etc. But there are times when I just want to explode.  I was kicked off of one site run by a woman who lets everyone know how religious she is, for pointing out to her that she called someone "needy" and it hurt that person's feelings.  I've not been here for a while, mostly because all I would do is rant but maybe, from time to time, that's what I need to do.  Fortunately for me, my grandchildren are not being raised to believe in the invisible guy in the sky but I was guilty of providing evidence for Santa for too long.  I do have a bit of fun by sending Christmas cards with Santa to the true believers.  And don't get me started on tRump!  I think I've shaved off years of my life in this past year.

I replied to someone earlier today on a similar topic. I told him that we Atheists have a responsibility to dismantle the stigma that the label Atheist holds that has been given to us by religious nuts. We must show ourselves as good humans, not perfect humans. We need to be respectful at all times even if we're upset. We are not perfect, but if we try to be as close as we can to being perfect, we will find that we will get closer all the time but NEVER reaching perfection. We are human so we make mistakes, but making many mistakes sometimes leads to success especially if you learn from your mistakes. I also said that you often may NOT get through to the one your aiming your efforts of sharing reason with, but more likely a bystander may pick up on your reason and change their mind. This is very true when the exchange is online where everything we do is recorded for anyone who wants to read it. I am NOT saying don't get upset. I AM saying be respectful at all times. That's not as hard as it sounds.




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