I just want to say welcome to the new members of this group. It's a new group, too, so please *do* start some conversation on the topic, if you feel so inclined.

Personally, I totally believe the noodly appendages of the FSM should touch every being on Earth,,, but hmmm, maybe that's not such a good stance from which to make decisions that affect others.

When theists run countries and start wars or make policy decisions while believing that their actions are justified by a god or any "instruction" that stems from belief in a god, I think there's a problem -- for everyone. And, it's not only from theist politicians that real problems can stem. Would you want a fundamentalist pentecostal taking care of your sick child and deciding that the medicine wasn't needed because god was going to take care of it -- or not, and well, if not, that's in god's plan. There are *many* topics that can be discussed in this group. So, I hope we can all take advantage of this opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, to learn from one another, and to better prepare ourselves -- through our discussions -- to combat and defeat the madness.

This is "anti-theism."

It's a serious subject, as I think we all know who are here in this group. However, don't feel that you can't bring some levity into it... sometimes doing so can be the most poignant illustration.

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Hi Zarta,

There are those who conflate atheism and anti-theism because they don't understand (willfully or through ignorance) the difference between a belief and a lack of belief.

Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods, no more, no less.

It is not militant. It is not a movement. It is not a doctrine.

Anti-theism can be all of the above because anti-theism is the belief that religion is harmful to our world and to the future of humanity.

This belief system is new and fresh and not well flushed out yet.

We are the beginning and we are working it out in a myriad of different ways.

Our Four Horsemen, Dennet, Hitchens, Dawkins, and Harris are our theoreticians and represent the spectrum of philosophical and political orientations within Anti-Theism.

This demonstrates clearly that people from all kinds of political and social backgrounds can and do have one thing in common and we can unite on that one thing.

Our sibling movement is the Pro-Materialist movement. This is the movement that says that Science not Superstitution is the way into the future.

Perhaps separating the two is false separation since in reality they walk hand in hand and hold the same goals. Protecting the future of humanity from the harmful and destructive influence of Religion and Superstition.

Zarta, Thanks for starting this group.

It's important for all of us.
Please note the IPU has challenged the FSM to a HOLY WAR right here on this site (See the Comments section of the FSM Group.

Of course, the FSM has cowardly ignored the challenge issued by Her Horniness, The Great Pinkness, The IPU (PBUH).

Sista Trance.
High Priestess of the Holy Order of the Virtual Temple of the
Invisible Pink Unicorn
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anybody tempted to pass out anti-tracts at Halloween?

I am sick of the people that invite me to their church and look STUNNED when I say I'm not interested. I have to drive 80 miles to find intelligent life at the nearest UU fellowship to hang out with fellow secular humanists. It sucks. I have to go to Houston(150 mi) or Dallas (150 miles) to do serious shopping or see intelligent movies ( I went to Houston last weekend and saw the Michael Moore movie Capitalism and a comedy movie, Stark Raving Black (Lewis Black).


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