Years ago, I imposed upon myself decidedly the task of doing all I could to educate theists ... of doing all I could to eradicate the ongoing delusion of theism. For the most part, my commitment is strong enough to keep me going, but I have to admit that it sometimes becomes very difficult.

Following are links to a couple of articles on which I thought the members of this group might want to comment -- both articles are regarding the FFRF's sign placed at the State Capitol in Illinois in December, which read: "At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our
natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens
hearts and enslaves minds."
It *is* certainly comforting to know that I can come here to AN to find reason and reality.

I think humanity really needs our efforts.

Regards to all of you,

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WOW. First off: i know how you feel about it being difficult sometimes. Secondly, I looked at both of the sites, the second 1 just pisses me off. What "deities" do i supposedly worship? I don't consider myself and "atheist", i'm an anti-theist, which from reading your post Zarta, i'd have to say your an anti-theist as well. I posted a comment on badp's page, i'm interested to see how he responds. Sometimes I honestly think that alot of our species is not evolved enough to even try to understand. But don't worry, unless one of the religions of the world rise up against thought and reason and massacre people that think like us again like they have in the past, i think we will eventually overcome it.
Hiya Nick ... Absolutely, I'm an Anti-Theist .. and proud of it, too. ; ] ..... Indeed, that's the reason I started this group. ; ] ........ I can understand totally what you're saying about the articles, especially the second. It's very twisted logic, or rather, twisting and distorting logic to the point of no logic remaining at all. This is soooo common for theists. They attempt to confuse the sheeples into believing their distortions, and unfortunately, they usually achieve their goal.
Oh, I forgot to mention ... Please let us know what the response is that you get from the badp's page -- if any. Thanks!
oh without a doubt i'll let you know if i get a response.
Ok. then what about anti-theists? what deities do I worship? I'm really interested to know what your view on me is. Frankly I love the plaque and don't agree with anything your stating. I think you feel a need to try and twist what it's saying to make some lame point. You show yourself as a religious person, then agree that religion hardens the heart and enslaves the mind, while still supporting religion, yet so you don't feel so bad you decide to say that atheists are just as bad???and believe also, just not like u?? Is that what your trying to say? You speak of logic, but I don't see any intelligent logic in your writing.
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Re: What a joke


2010-02-02 02:27 am (UTC)
Why ask me what deities you worship? You're probably better qualified to tell me that. As far as your not "agreeing" with anything I stated, there is really nothing to disagree with. If you can find a flaw in my logic, please point it out. But it was not an opinion piece.

I suggest you reread my post as you clearly did not understand it.
Ahhhh. Okay. This would be a GREAT discussion here. And maybe together, we can formulate a "response" to Mr. BADP (I'm guessing this is a male, from the way the article and response are written) regarding his statement: "If you can find a flaw in my logic, please point it out. But it was not an opinion piece."

In case anyone decides to work on this response together, if you click on a very small "BADP" link at the top of the article, this is what you'll see:

Introduction and Warning
For those of you who are new to my journal, welcome. Before you start reading, there are some things you need to know.

First, this is a clean, family-friendly journal, and I hold all comments to that standard.

Second, just because this is a clean journal does not mean that everything I write is nice, kind, agreeable, or even sane.

Third, you will probably be offended by some of my views. If you are a conservative Christian, you will likely not be very offended. But if you have any liberal or left-leaning bones in your body, expect to be extremely offended, even enraged.

Fourth, I am a Bible-believing Christian and I strive to make this journal reflect the truth of Jesus Christ. This is not a political journal although there are many politically-oriented entries. I am not a Re-publican or a Dumocrat, and I am not even registered to vote.

Fifth, this journal spans several years and some entries have to be taken in context. I use sarcasm sometimes. Don't take something literally if it makes more sense to understand it as sarcasm.

You also may be wondering what "badp" means. It's nothing more than my initials (I have two middle names). That's it. Enjoy and feel free to comment!




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