People who believe in god(s)/religion(s) seem to say that "God is most important" in their lives (then family, then work). But god doesn't exist. I have a concern that because the religion/brainwashing scam they are beholden to is evil, the #1 most important thing to them in everything they do and believe is evil.

I understand that there really is no such thing as a Christian. All Christians break their own rules when they would like to, such as when they choose to abandon their vows to god and have premarital sex. Saying they are a Christian is just their way of trying to avoid hell and go to heaven when their earthly misery is over. So maybe they're only Christian when it's convenient to them to be. So maybe it wouldn't be a big problem.

But to me there is a danger in giving a crazy, mistaken person so much influence in my life. I came from a dysfunctional nuclear family, and I'll tell you that letting crazy, mistaken people run your life is hell on earth. I'm incompatible with crazy Christians. Yet all Christians are crazy. Muslims and Jews are even worse, in my opinion. So is an atheist incompatible with a believer? Any experiences or feedback before I date a pretty girl and find out she's nutso?

Note: I don't go for it when somebody tells me that they're a Christian, but they're not very religious. That's just their way of believing crappola but trying to avoid their due shame, embarrassment, and humiliation in intellectual social circles for believing something so preposterous.

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Therefore, it makes sense for you to date only those who refute the existence of god. 

I live in a multi-cultural city. I prefer to date a non-believer, however, I don’t have any problem with open-minded believers.

Well, I hope you do not paint all people with the same brush.  All believers are deluded: as "G" and others have observed, rationality breeds atheism: most Christians are simply people who allow the irrational to play a major role in their lives.  As for whether a believer-nonbeliever relationship will "work," my last one did.  But then Ellie was a believer cut from different cloth.  On a jet one time with "Rev." Jimmy Swaggart, Ellie asked him if he would help her open a small bottle of white wine, the kind of bottle with a perforated tin lid.  He snapped, "Madame, I'll do no such thing!" To which Ellie replied, "You really are a son of a bitch, aren't you?"  Yet she devoutly believed, and you can imagine the chagrin I felt at her memorial service having to go to the Baptist Church and sit (or stand) through the usual hymns and such.  At least she had them play Satchmo's "It's a wonderful world" at the end.  Just try to find an open-minded delusional person.  I like the advice of Sir Frank Crisp, who built the mansion George Harrison lived in in London environs.  Sir Frank had this emblazoned on a wall of his gardens: "Scan not a friend with microscopic glass./You know his faults, now let his foibles pass."  The open-minded believer will accept if not respect your rational self.  Agree to disagree and things should work out fine.

Thanks guys. :)




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