Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh

A Buddhist man posts a picture on Facebook to which the Muslims take offense, and they go on a rampage burning many temples and homes. This enhances the image of Islam as moral, peace-loving and fair religion. It certainly encourages non-Muslims to welcome Muslims into their community. By example, it heaps shame on Christian persecutors who protest against the building of mosques. *EYE ROLL*

Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh burned at least four Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists on Sunday after complaining that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam, police and residents said.... to protest against what they said was a photograph posted on Facebook that insulted Islam.

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How long do governments let this go on before they finally recognize the foolishness and immaturity represented by this kind of behavior?  It amounts to a child's tantrum, blown ridiculously out of proportion ... and whether you like the practice or not, it's time that child was spanked!

L'abus de propriété doit être réprimé toutes les fois qu'il nuit à la société.

Don, it could have been anything: a photo, a video, or a comment on a blog.  If the people making all this noise about insults to their prophet had any idea of the volume of material aimed at criticism, mockery and lampoons of Mohammed, they would exhaust themselves from protest.

I still wonder how long it's going to be before at least some of them figure out that They Are Being PLAYED.

Overreaction and aggression towards anything which disrespect Islam and its prophet is common in Islamic society. Imams and mullahs encourage Muslims to be totally intolerant against any constructive or unconstructive criticism. It is a big competition between Muslims;  expressing more overreaction and aggression would bring more recognition and admiration for a Muslim in the cult.

Pat, I agree with you especially as I read the history of that part of the world from WW II on. Greed, domination, control seems to be the influence on these people and they are mad. The role religion plays in this is to assure them they have a bright future, even if/when they die. Oh great, we have to battle that myth even as the facts reveal why they hate USA so much. I wonder if anyone has the courage or the intelligence to name their problem and seek ways to resolve differences? Not if religion gets in the way. 

I was unable to open the photo, Ruth, and found this one with "evidence" of their love and desire for peaceful resolution.

"Kill those who insult Islam!"

"Liberalism, go to Hell!"

"Butcher those who mock Islam!"

"Behead those who insult Islam!"

Islam is an aggressive religion. Allah in Quran does not tolerate. He punishes the unbelievers with extreme cruelty. In Islam the key answer to majority of problems is the holy sword.

In my opinion, Muslims are crueler to themselves than western countries.  Extremists dislike anybody who defies them especially if it comes from their fellow Muslim brother. For example in Afghanistan Taliban has tortured and killed far more Muslims than NATO soldiers and also in Iraq, thousands of Muslims have been killed by suicide bombers.

I would agree that there is strong hatred of west among Muslims but it does not necessarily mean westerners are the first target in their agenda. If an American soldier gets killed in Afghanistan, it will be on the headline of all media, on the other hand we hardly know about thousands of activists and apostates who are being tortured, imprisoned and killed in Islamic countries.

I love peace. I dislike war, guns and killing. However as a person who was raised and lived almost 30 years in the Middle East, I personally support the war in Afghanistan and Iraq because those countries have been liberated from Islamic tyrannical regimes such as Sadam and Taliban. Finally, I have to sadly say that there is no way to stop Syria and Iran apart from military intervention.

Beth KZ makes a point about how the Muslim street took the YouTube trailer to represent the voice of the US government.

Part of the problem is that they really do not comprehend such things as "freedom of the press". The incident with that nutjob publishing the "trailers" for his alleged film on Youtube was mis-reported in the various Arabic countries/news services as "US Television", which to THEM means the US GOVERNMENT television. They really do not understand that US television and other media is owned and nearly-completely operated by private companies and individuals. They don't have the means to do it, and only a few of the very wealthy (who are also intertwined with the government) have such means to own or operate a TV station. It was reported TO THEM as if this anti-Muslim film was produced and shown by the US government...

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