My cousin has a computer science PhD from an Ivy League university. His wife has a computer science PhD from MIT. Last I checked, they are both Christians. So much for learning to think at the idea factory.

If in my old age I actually go on to get a computer science PhD, I could never have a believer as my adviser. In fact, I would strongly prefer an atheist over even an agnostic. I have nothing to learn from a doofus believer, and I suspect that agnostics are largely god-fearing people who don't want to piss off a possible god by not believing in him. Many probably plan to repent on their death beds.

The repetitive failure to perform a simple judgement call in the face of overwhelming evidence shows that all intellects of the lower echelons (i.e., all beliefs other than atheism) lack the credibility required by a scientist of the modern day intelligentsia. Only somebody bold enough to be an atheist is able to carry out significant, ground-breaking research.

One must always be suspect of the findings of somebody who goes home and prays to Jesus or whatever. If somebody is both stupid and psychotic enough to fail to be an atheist, they are capable many other intellectual failures. The feat of logic required to be an atheist isn't very difficult. The character of intellect required to be an atheist isn't a very high bar to jump, either. And somebody has to be downright delusional psychotic in order to believe in god, or even just to not be sure (agnostic).

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Many distinguished scientists compartmentalize, so they do science well in that area of their life. But in the religious sphere they don't apply scientific thinking. It would be nice if highly educated people were also well integrated, but that's rare.

I was unaware that highly educated people aren't normally well-integrated. I'm glad I tossed my assertion out there. I'm getting some nice feedback from you guys.

I gave up trying to figure out why highly intelligent people believe in religion, or at least believe in a deity.  We all have blind spots in our rational thinking, holes that delusion passes through.

Would you say atheists have a clear advantage over those who accept delusions without challenging or questioning them? Is the ability to honestly challenge your own false beliefs really a big deal?

How do you know that they pray to Jesus when they get home from work ? Do they go to church ? Are they nominal christians who say this so they can get on in American society and avoid ostracism ? Is it for the sake of their children so they have 'normal lives' in the land of the free ? They must be a boring couple, both being computer scientists. There are many useless people who have over-specialised like your cousin and his wife.

After you've done your PhD you can have it acknowledged on your gravestone. Academics often have difficulties in life. I would never do postgraduate studies just to impress my extended family. I couldn't care less what they think.

It's hard to woop-woop-woop myself into charging into a PhD program. Even the power of Curly doesn't last a full day's time. I'm honestly looking at becoming an auto mechanic instead. I'd be overworked and underpaid, but at least I'd be employed and making money.

I visited the UCI computer science graduate program and looked at a graduate student's profile. He was studying computational biology (like I'm interested in). He was among 5 or 10 co-authors on half a dozen papers. He never was the first author. All the articles were on stuff nobody would ever care about, so specialized they have very narrow applicability. And he's getting paid a damn stipend to get his name on somebody else's research.

Then I watched a new nVidia video on YouTube, and my heart fluttered. And I thought maybe I can just do my own thing on the side of an easy day job, make money on the open commercial market, and have fun, instead of splitting my brain in two for a goddamn $75k-$125k per year.

You should be successful in whatever you choose to do. You've got your whole life ahead of you so make the most of it and enjoy it.

Thank you Napoleon.

Can you elaborate ? Where is the evidence ? For how long have you been on this site ?

Have you been a religious person in your life ? I have never been religious even as a child. I was an agnostic and irreligious person and eventually realised I'm an Atheist. I am an Atheist because I know that the supernatural does not exist.

I'm not here to agree with everything.

Now it's time to substantiate what you say.

I'll be damned. Educated people are just as religious as the uneducated, perhaps even moreso. What you guys have been telling me is true. Educated people believe in god and pray more.

I still stand behind my original statement, though. Only atheists possess credibility as scientists. So I'm going to kick some serious butt out there.

What your links actually said is that more educated people are religious, but they're less literal about it.  As I said, they can rationalize their religion by regarding religious concepts as metaphors.  It helps them keep harmony with people in their social life or family who are religious.  Also perhaps they are simply too busy with other things, to spend the emotional effort to assimilate atheist concepts.

That site you linked to is also a religious site.  They may be cherry-picking research that supports religion.

I've written things that used religious language, talking about God, without having any belief in anything supernatural or religious.  Using religious language doesn't make you a theist.   

Scientists are much more likely to not believe in a personal God than the general public.

Thanks for filling in the blanks here for me, Luara.




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