Religion is brain poison, and has a twofold effect on the believer's brain:

  1. First, the believer becomes accustomed to accepting logical fallacies as correct, fallacies that are necessary to justify accepting the religious falsehoods. When encountering these logical fallacies in the future, the believer does not recognize them as incorrect logic, or else they would be able to recognize their own religion as incorrect.
  2. Second, the believer maintains a growing body of false knowledge. The very falsehoods that comprise the religious belief system contradict reality, as well as themselves. As anything follows from a contradiction, and as the believer will not let go of his/her religious falsehoods, the believer expands his rote memory store of false, incorrect beliefs, which themselves continue to breed more false beliefs in his/her mind.

Further, these false religious beliefs held by the believer each have a twofold impact:

  1. The sheer quantity of individual false beliefs infects an expanse of knowledge that grows as the number of individual false beliefs are bred into the believer's mind.
  2. The level of absurdity of these false belief affects the severity of sickness of the believer's infected mind. The more absurd a held belief is, the greater potential for more false beliefs.

My claim is that ones religion is a major component in the maximum possible mental age a person may attain. If they are a Mormon, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, or Muslim moron, they cannot grow as much as a Jew, as the Jewish religion contains a lesser volume of absurdity than the former three, while it contains a lesser degree of absurdity than the latter one. Therefore, idiot Jews have a greater capacity for attaining higher mental ages than idiots from many other religions. Nondenominational theists are smarter than theists who subscribe to a false belief set, but are still too stupid to entertain alternatives to belief in any god, which detrimentally affects their mental age capacity. Agnostics, who see the reasoning in doubting the existence of god yet are unable to form a simple judgement call that god does not exist, cannot attain the mental ages that atheists can attain.

Now it's time for the converse of modus ponens. No IQ test is capable of being remotely accurate unless it asks you your religious orientation. The proof is in the pudding. As a side note, this plays into why I believe only atheists are worthy of admission to the intelligentsia.

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If we’re to grow up as a species, we need to address the systems that infantilize us.
-- TheraminTrees

As a mormon, I made-up defenses for mormonism that I thought were logical.  Being an atheist for 18 years now, it's quite obvious how illogical they were.  I've grown-up quite a bit in 18 years.




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