The custom of forcing faith on vulnerable children is an affront to our notion of fairness and is simply a holdover from archaic ideas of patriarchy supported by institutional religions as a way of gaining or maintaining control of family life. There are many legal experts that now advocate changing the whole notion of parental prerogatives. Children are most certainly not the property of their parents to do with as they wish. Moreover, international law now recognizes children as person's in their own rights with legitimate interests and rights of their own that may indeed conflict with the wishes of their parents. The first step in overthrowing hereditary religion must start where all revolutionary social change starts: raising consciousness. Parents are the controlling vector for the practice of forcing faith on children and those most open to change are those wounded by the way religion treated them as a child. The web has hundreds of self help sites where such apostates pour their hearts out in poignant personal narratives. Fear is an obnoxious form of control and fear is at the center of religious hegemony.

American atheists and humanists may feel a greater sense of urgency on this issue than others. The blog Ending Hereditary Religion contains content that may surprise you.

The annual protest will be held again this year in cyberspace but the goal is to eventually hold events in the real world. If I somehow overlooked sending you an event announcement here are the details for this years event.

Your participation will help make this event a historic happening on the road to a universal secular world.

Richard Collins

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It reminds me of those dark days at school. At the age of just 5, I was forced to memorise some part of Quran and also some Islamic ritual to praise Allah and Muhammad.

It is absolutely against human rights to force faith on children.




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