The blog of a Christian Science Monitor reporter makes a compelling case that there may actually be no anti-Islam film fueling all the protests in the Muslim world.


In addition to one of the actresses interviewed for claiming they were actually filming a film called Desert Warriors set two thousand years ago (thus before the advent of Islam) and her claim the film had been dubbed over in post-production by the director or others (and thus the actors plan to sue), CSM’s reporter deconstructs the dubbing issue and other issues surrounding the mystery of this film that only seems to have a trailer.


The government of Indonesia is moving to ban the film, though there may actually be no film to ban.


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I hadn't heard this news. Thanks

I heard a blurb on this today on NBC, they showed her talking about what was released being not at all like anything they had filmed. She made the statement that she was going to sue if she could figure out 'who' to sue and well she should, they put her in danger. I should see if I can find the video from this morning to post here, it seems things are being sanitized in regard to this issue, I go to watch the trailer and every new link it seems has been removed from

Here's a page of their various videos from today:

TODAY: Protesters breach US embassy in Yemen

So all of this was just a response to the YouTube trailer? That's an interesting comment on the power of a 14 minute video. So hundreds of different people from all over the world could just crudely overdub assorted videos and rerelease them under new names, causing millions of people to riot against other embassies of the country of origin of the stolen videos? Would the Muslim world melt down under such an easy video assault? Anybody can snag any video on the internet and alter the sound.

Honestly, I couldn't care whether the film was real or faked.  The reaction from the islamic population of places like Pakistan or Yemen is so over-the-top to ANY such provocation is so exaggerated as to be ludicrous, and their governments apparently aren't interested in any form of moderation of these reactions.

Well, sorry to tell you guys, but the jokes, jabs and japes are not likely to stop any time soon.  Your threats of beheading those who insult islam are amusing, though not very funny, and any attempt to carry out such threats are liable to have considerable untoward consequences.

So ... care to consider GROWING UP?!?  Yeah, I know, too much to ask.

There is nothing wrong with the movie, however it looks so amateur and cheap. The problem is with the overreaction and insanity of Muslims. They want to just burn, kill and destroy anything which is against them.


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