I've seen religion as an excuse for people to get what they want without admitting to the true reason why they want it. Anti-prostitution laws are supported on moral grounds, but it is widely believed that all women are prostitutes. I am one person who believes that women really only care about money. I suspect that women who wanted to become wives saw prostitutes as unfair competition. I personally would never marry if I could hire a clean, safe prostitute, because although I love women, I know they won't love anything about me other than my money. So by saying extramarital sex is immoral, women saw a political victory, and they were able to have a stable means of income by attaining a prostitution monopoly over one man- her husband. It's just like an inventor who files a patent has a monopoly over his or her invention.

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I'll call it anecdotal evidence, Don.

I think women want security, and that this is hardwired into their gender, the male representing someone who is always going to care for them and make sure that they, as a couple, and their children, should they desire to have them, will always have the security of a roof and three squares at a minimum.  Men generally want a woman who wants this, too.  But who am I to say?

A woman's prostitution services go overwhelmingly toward clients from whom she perceives her own ability to draw a means of material support, to the point that other qualities are irrelevant. She will provide enough prostitution services to keep the rich guy around, and will withhold her prostitution services when she objects to his behavior. A woman remains sexually attracted to men who demonstrate the ability to conceive children with genetic advantages in survival, to the point where she will be a nasty ho' and cheat on her prostitution client, get pregnant by the smart, handsome, muscular guy, and defraud her rich prostitution client into providing parental support for her offspring from the stud (as evidenced by the appalling amount of paternity fraud out there). Not all women are nasty ho's. Only perhaps 80% of them are. And an equal number of men are just as nasty.

Well the 80% number comes from studies that estimate how many men are cheaters. I don't believe men have worse morals than women. I think just as many women cheat as men. It's absolutely disgusting how many non paternity events occur. And evolutionary psychology is a branch of psychology that studies this phenomenon, among others, as I understand it. I believe women have evolved to be attracted to men who demonstrate that they have a means of attaining material support. It's disgusting. The financial system is illegitimate and corrupt, and always has been. I'm a nonconformist and my money hasn't shown up yet. Women are as ridiculous as the money they are sexually attracted to.

My computer science degrees (BS/MS CS) are a great education, but they're not doing too much for me. With all the outsourcing of skilled jobs and importing of foreigners to work skilled jobs, software developers are horribly overworked and ridiculously underpaid. I refuse to work for the market rate.

I am an entrepreneur. I've tried and failed to start tech businesses three times. This will be my fourth time. I was considering a software game company, but due to my market analysis, I just don't see the money coming from that. So I'm afraid to follow through, develop a game engine, produce a game, and get clobbered when I could have spent my time otherwise.

I read a study where they showed women pictures of average-looking men in expensive cars and good-looking men in cheap cars and asked the women to rate the attractiveness of the men. The men in expensive cars were rated more attractive. The study has disappeared, so I can't link to it. The 80% number counts all relationships that are presumed monogamous, not just marriages. It's hard to say exactly what the number is, but it's disgusting.

Part of my number comes from here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1211104/Think-men-unfaith...

Studies show different numbers for the percentages of children caught in non-paternity events. In the link there, you'll see 15% suggested. One study in the University of New Hampshire showed that it's 30%: http://www.wnd.com/2006/02/34861/

Those are two links that I was thinking about when I wrote that. The 80% figure is my guess, based on what I've gathered and processed. Too bad the link for that one study disappeared. It was scientific evidence that women are whores.

Here are two references to that study. They are not the actual web news article I read. In the end of one of those videos, somebody said that women care more about other things, but that claim wasn't supported by any evidence in the study.



Men complain about women only wanting money, yet they do just as much to perpetuate the money thing, with insisting on paying for everything and trying to buy their way into a woman's pants. If I am not sexually attracted to someone, money and showing me with gifts will not change that. I haven't been all that impressed by guys who can't think of anything else to do but draw attention to their lucrative careers.

I agree, PR Girl.  And let us not forget that 80% (lol) of men chase after women who are younger and hotter than them. 

I feel that this whole conversation is insane.  I enjoy all the loving relationships in life, both sexual and non-sexual.  And I'm fine with prostitution.  I am also fine with getting a massage.  What is the difference?

My goodness, Brian, you have some pretty hard-and-fast rules about women. Stop and think a minute. If you had children by mutual agreement, or by lack of planning, would you not want a partner to do the many tasks required to raise healthy and happy children? Do you think you could raise children alone? Do you think you could impregnate a woman and walk away from your responsibility as a father? Do you really think all women are prostitutes and all men are what? Free to spread their seed hither and yon without a thought of parenting your offspring. Do you like sex? Do you attempt to have sex from time to time? Do you think women like sex? Should they be denied their sexuality simply because they are women? Do you not recognize your double standard? Have you ever loved a person, male or female? 

I haven't had sex for over 5 years. In 2007 I was falling in love with a girl. She didn't tell me she was married until after I had fallen for her. I haven't dated since. I absolutely do not want children. I never said that men are free to spread their seed. You have the wrong ideas about me. And yes, part of the point that I'm making is that all women are prostitutes, and it makes me sick. Despite holding my beliefs, I am still attracted to women, because although I feel they are wired wrong, I am also wired wrong, because I love women despite believing they are heartless prostitutes.

Hmm...which came first, the misogyny or the not being able to get sex...

Rejection came first. Then analysis. Then misogyny.




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