I've seen religion as an excuse for people to get what they want without admitting to the true reason why they want it. Anti-prostitution laws are supported on moral grounds, but it is widely believed that all women are prostitutes. I am one person who believes that women really only care about money. I suspect that women who wanted to become wives saw prostitutes as unfair competition. I personally would never marry if I could hire a clean, safe prostitute, because although I love women, I know they won't love anything about me other than my money. So by saying extramarital sex is immoral, women saw a political victory, and they were able to have a stable means of income by attaining a prostitution monopoly over one man- her husband. It's just like an inventor who files a patent has a monopoly over his or her invention.

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No, Brian, I do not have the wrong idea about you. I don't have enough information to have any valid idea of what kind of man you are. That is why I asked you those questions. Now I know you a little better and can understand you have strong feelings. I don't know what it feels like to you, but it sounds to me as though you have put yourself in a box and nailed the top shut. Some would call that a casket ready for the grave. 

One of my dearest friends years ago was a fellow who had been jilted while he was serving in the Korean war and thought all women were as you describe them. He died a lonely old man and lost a lifetime of freedom to explore, experiment, fall in and out of love or find a permanent partner. You can stay in your box if you want to. It is scary out there in the real world. Your heart will be broken (the bad news), and you mend (the good news). That is what life is all about. 

Take an imaginary trip to the moon, sit there with your favorite beverage looking at the Earth and thinking about the kind of life you want to have and the kind of man you want to be. Then come back and make that happen. You are you. You are perfectly imperfect. You are the author of your life and your song. Whoever you are is fine with me, as long as you harm no other. 

I do NOT agree that all women are after money or they are prostitutes. Men and Women must have equal rights. However, prostitution should be legal and it is up to the women whether to choose this profession or not.

Someone needs a personal coach.  These ideas become self-fulfilling prophesy.  If you think all partners (women or men) will screw you over, you will not attract the ones who wont.  You have to be the man you think your potential partner would want.

I suppose you could settle for a life of masturbation and porn videos.  Not very fulfilling as far as conversation and cuddle time, but at least there's no personal betrayal and it's much cheaper.

Interestingly I know gay men who think all men are "whores."  It's all a matter of perspective.

I also know a gay man who says gay men are dogs. And a personal coach wouldn't work out. My own mental age is too high.

You're right. I'm afraid all women will screw me over. I don't trust them, and I think they have too much power. I'd rather keep my hands off them than trust one, let her trick me into getting her pregnant, and losing my entire life over it.

Thank you, Ruth. I attempted to respond to your comment below, but the system wouldn't let me because there's either a bug in the implementation or a defect in the design. So I posted my response to your comment here.

I called up my female buddy Nancy and talked to her about your specific above post, among other things. In particular, we considered the possibility that marriage is not right for me. I'm marriage material, but I'm just so afraid a woman won't like me for anything other than my money (when I start dating in 2014/15). Nancy said she thinks I shouldn't get married because she agrees that women just want your money. She says that roughly half of the women are complete gold-digging whores and the other half mostly care about money but also care about other things. We decided that I should instead get a long-term girlfriend. If she's not rich, then she better have no baggage (=no kids). If she's rich, then it's okay if she has kids, because she won't be trying to trap me into financing her baggage and being their second daddy.

I don't despite women. I love women. I have lots of female friends (acquaintances). I even am a teensy bit suspicious of some of their intentions, but it's all cool because that just makes things a little more interesting. Straight women make better friends for me than straight men. Straight men as a group are so competitive, and I don't have a competitive bone in my body. Nor do I enjoy contentious engagement or confrontation. I avoid competition and confrontation whenever I can, even disingenuously apologizing when I shouldn't because words come so cheaply. Gay men do get competitive with me, but not so much. Plus, they're still men, so they have a lot in common with me.

So there will always be a special place in my heart for women. It's how I'm wired, and there's nothing I can do about it. I feel I need to approach the situation with women's interests in mind, and work forward while accepting their desire to perhaps be financially dependent on a financially stable mate if ever need be. Maybe I can be in a relationship with a very gorgeous woman, a woman who I never would have talked to otherwise if she wasn't so pretty. Just like she would never have talked to me unless she already knew I was wealthy. And there are lots of women out there like that. A dime a dozen, even.

As a feminist I disagree with your characterization of women.

I am one person who believes that women really only care about money.

Only in societies where women are barred from ordinary employment opportunities are they economically forced into prostitution. While they are often literally enslaved for this purpose by men, most wouldn't choose such a difficult way to support themselves, so dangerous and so despised, had they other means to feed their children and themselves.

... although I love women, I know they won't love anything about me other than my money.

It's difficult for me to believe that you love women if you can't imagine being loved for yourself. You paint women as less than human, without ordinary capacities for caring. Only by giving yourself credit for being worthy of a woman's love will you discover that we are actually far more capable of reaching out emotionally than men, on average.

If you can't imagine marriage as something far more wholesome and uplifting than a prostitution monopoly, it's unlikely marriage would work for you. You have to give yourself and your wife a chance. Start with mutual respect, a level playing field in which her motivations are assumed to be at least as worthy as your own.

Despising women will not bring you happiness, Brian.

Ruth- please see above for my response to your post.


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