Mohammed has given the Islamists (thw slaves of Allah)a false impression and deluded them that they are the best nation in the world, and they are the only people who will go heaven, any people else will go Hell in the life after according to his allegation. As a result, the y suffer from greatness-madness, they have a conception that they are the only nation in the world according to their Allah’s promise and description that “they are the best nation in the world because the are Muslim”. It is egoism; they think that the other nations will go Hell as they are not Muslim including those advanced and industrial nations, who made the modern civilization, I wonder how the appearance of Heaven will be with those backwards Muslim inside it, with their beliefs, thoughts, forms, shapes, extra… In that case I don’t like heaven. According to those conceptions they see themselves far above anything wrong ,and they are true and must not be touched by any, at the same time their religion , mustn’t be touched by anyone either ,that’s why they have become made because of some meaningless cartoons. It is Greatness-Madness. I live among them and I know what they feel and how they think. They abuse me everyday, and threaten me, and bother me because I don’t go to mosque. They consider that abuse and threat is good-doing, to gain plenty of favors added to their records, and Allah (God) will be contented fully of their doings ,thus He grant them more properties, estates, possessions in Heaven.

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Its f'ed up! You have to stay safe though, you don't wanna die and be some loser's bridge to heaven!




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