Just curious.  I won't be moving anytime soon, but  LOVE energy-effiecient and water-saving 'smart' homes.  Also curiuos about the use of wood-burning stoves and thier effiecieny and safety.  Love Frank LLyod Wright, too.

Right now, am particularly lusting after a built-into-the-ground cistern on 2 or more sides of the house to collect water.  I love to garden, but many plants die in the summer from drought. I'm stingy with water.

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I've always had an apt for designing things, I rather enjoy it actually. I grew up wanting to build homes and wanting to go to college to learn architecture and become a Draftsman.

The idea of 'green homes' is highly appealing to me, and (I'm sure) many other people as well. I do basic blueprints of houses, of my own design(s), from time to time. I'll look into the features and mechanics behind 'green homes' and see if maybe I can do a basic outline of one.

By no account do I consider myself experienced in drafting, but I do own the required tools, many of them antiques, and I was taught in highschool to draw floorplans, elevations, topographies, and isometrics. I do it now as something like a hobby/pastime.  Feel free to give me some ideas on a 'green home' you may like. Include things like floors, number of rooms, size ratios (living compared to bed, bed compared to bath, etc) and I'll do my best to draw up a plan for you to critique in any way.




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