A realistic mindset and practical reason.


A realistic mindset and practical reason.

I never thought anger to be reasonable. This group hopefully, will be an interchange of wise and thoughtful observations. A favorite sayinf of mine is "Do not anger; disprove."

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Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 18, 2009 at 1:17pm
Oh!...The title is The Bride of Pan: Woman and the beast. I will add a free downloadable PDF link in my site: www.brideofpan.com
Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 18, 2009 at 12:54pm
A very interesting point here: Not one statement within my book is false and I seek to prove the contents and test each thoughts validity. I had the question put to me whether it was okay for another to use my observations and statements. This topic is touched upon in the book where her reply is "Take this and spread it abroad." The gentleman in question that had 'knocked her to the floor in her nakedness' hits her with the impact of a question: "What can be borrowed, bought, or sold." The nature of this concept I struggled with in order to elaborate upon it is such an amazing and awe inspiring topic! I would love to make the book more available and if need be more affordable. I so love to hear others input regarding the vastness and far reaching impact of this theme. Other's thoughts would be greatly appreciated here.
Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 18, 2009 at 11:26am
Finding myself between two opposing viewpoints. Radicalism and the birth of non-demonstrable theism. Take any of the difficulties within this challenging experience; nobody said our paths would be flowery. (where did the bees go!) Anyway, I could have stood aghast at the wrong intrepertations or even look to myself as having some kind of 'personal' importance within the grand scheme of things. Truth be told we act or react according to our own sense of wisdom and our highest sense of right, yes? (I am a 'gym rat' because this gives me 2 very strong, balled up options. Hahahaha a joke) Well I believe our convictions must be that strong at times and this is the truest sense of strength. We have basic undeniable rights that cannot be opposed unless we do not demonstrate our own power over them, be willing to be delivered up to the judge. My own sense of charity denies 'person' within the equation. I believe I stated this somewhere else here. But my highest sense of charity convinces me that people are indeed coming awake from under an impulse driven society and I am very grateful this. It is no difficult task to intrepert our world but contrarily the personal struggles and their severity: We all have these; call them 'opportunity' to demonstrate what we are really made of and not stand aghast at non-demonstrable theisms: the loose soil of doubts and fears but contrarily a cement foundation on which to build. Bravo for all the mighty!
Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 18, 2009 at 9:36am
Okay...Looking forward to it!
Comment by Ravenone on March 18, 2009 at 9:16am
Amber thank you for inviting me to this discussion. I will come back to comment after I have some time to think and do my mornings work.

You are a wonderful writer BTW.

Be back later. :D
Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 18, 2009 at 8:39am
Okay...The truth is we can not 'come under' anything. Here is a real life story.
A woman of 72, an artist, decided she would no longer accept her husband's miserable habits and so was seeking to divorce herself from him. After having wrestled with the idea of ending a 38 year marriage, in her OWN sense of wisdom, she concluded in mercy to him and for her own growth she would go forward with this divorce. Now these are not people of limited means. Every painting she sold($100,000.00 tryptic) she sunk all her money into the house they shared together. The law would say she has the right to half the marital assests. But having moved back into a residence where her children were raised, she began to see a sense of value in 'family home' and concluded she would not fight for half of the house. I can go on and on with the list of marital assests but will rather struggle to make my point. This state would not allow the divorce based on 2 facts. She is an older woman (theology's belief in the strength of 'future' generations; a future salvation; heaven afar off) and the state does not allow for spousal support and an artist is not a valuable and employable idea, undervaluing her own voice and vision. Her arguments: "Even if I do fight for half the assests, this will not carry me through the rest of my life." My reply: "Welcome to the real world. This is the surrounding thought and all are balancing and weighing ideas in the balance; the new world where people are coming awake from under the influence of abundance in the form of lots of goodies and the generosity of the 'credit based' system." Now here is the clincher. Being a writer myself and having written on a topic seemingly 'under attack' The christians taking an opposing view, I am willing to fight for my right to MY vision and voice myself. The charactor within the book is wise and loving by nature but is up against the force of opposition. To me it is life and at some point the opposing view may present itself as any material thing..a religous zealot perhaps...with 'the right to bear arms'? Man has not risen above being angered at certain things for principle sake. Once again I have to say.."do not anger...disprove." Shall I sit and wait for my future salvation or shall i fight this day for the right to my own vision and voice. I will fight. Otherwise the 'girl' in the book is just a girl in a book. -practical wisdom-
Comment by Amber Fajardo on March 17, 2009 at 12:40pm
Excuse the 'f' where the 'g' should be. Close proximity and 90mph hand movement, multiple tasks, etc. The excuses just keep coming. Always making excuses for wrong behavior.

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