Why does it seem as if there are half as many women as men in this group?
It's because there really are fewer female atheists in this age group than men.
I'm sure of it because I'm in a few other groups for women over 40 at a few other websites (cafemom, mainly) and they are overwhelmingly christian, with a fair number of "spiritual" and/or pagans mixed in as well.
Don't get me wrong I lubbs y'all, and I'm grateful for my girl pals here on the Nex, but I guess things seem a little unbalanced.
...just making an observation, nothing serious ...

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I wonder how much of it has to do with the Internet being male dominated, or if it is because men are socialized differently. Men are pretty combative when it comes to politics as atheism and religion is also political, which may turn off when woman. May be I am over speculating, but that is my sense.
Hey! I just got a 40+ friend of mine in New Orleans to join the A/N, so my next task is to get her HERE. I haven't been too active lately (many excuses), but you're still my only friends here in Tulsa, so I'm trying...
Aww girl! We'll all be sure to nag you a lot more often!
By the way, her name is Alex Hafner, and ya'll will love her, so maybe if you bombard her board, you'll get some really good feedback...
I'm raising two heathen daughters. My oldest is a member of A/N, so I'm doing my bit lol.
I know what you mean about cafemom, I get very nasty messages from loving followers of Christ that I don't even know. Are you a member of the Atheist parenting group?
Over my six years of organizing atheist groups in the DC area, I have concluded that women have a harder time extracting themselves from belief systems because they are the focal point of the family. Unlike the father who works during the day, the wife deals with society on a family level. Since acceptance is a big part of being a part of the community, it isn't surprising that many women don't question their beliefs. Now, this might be changing with the younger generation.
I agree that most Atheist mothers I know are much younger than I am, and often I just feel too old to go along with their stuff.
Well, if I wanted to start a really vicious argument I could say that atheists tend to be people who think, which excludes a lot of women....

(boo, hiss)

I think it's really a combination of the fact that this is an older more mature group, plus online activity tends to be more of a male thing. I am noticing a goodly number of women joining who are less mature younger. Speaking as a devout heterosexual, I'd certainly like to see a lot more women around here.




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