Yeah, I have a problem with hijacking song titles and popular sayings.
I'm Dianna, I just turned 46, and am always the oldest atheist in any discussion board that I join.
Hope to meet more atheists in my age group here at AN.

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I don't do many discussion boards (this Nexus thing is a fairly new experience for me), but I've gone to a few Atheists and Other Freethinkers meetings in Sacramento, and there are many people my age (43) and up.
You're lucky you have actual meetings that you can attend, where you meet actual atheists face to face. Wow! I'd be lucky if I ran into another atheist within fifty miles of my home. My only option seems to be meeting people on-line. So far so good, though.
Here's to hoping.
Well Dianna - I have you beat on the age thing...I am 48. My name is Brad and I live in the heart of the stinking Bible Belt. I am a Database Architect specializing in VLDB's. (that's Very Large Databases). It is nice to get a break from the younger set sometimes - they are sometimes a little too strident for my taste.
Well, Dianna. I think I'm the oldest in the group so far. I'm 53, and I'm just now learning how to manage this social network stuff. So far I'm pretty happy with the results. It's certainly a pleasure not to have to worry about stepping on someone's religious toes, which has been a problem all my life. I used to teach Biology (yes, I taught evloution despite the constant conflicts), and now I work in a Catholic hospital. I just can't seem to escape the influence of religion.

It's great meeting you. And thanks again for starting this group.
Hey, Dianna - I'm 45 and while I feel young, I am constantly confused by the tastes and interests of "these kids today". I shudder sometimes when I wonder if I'm becoming my mother (of course I'm I?). But since I'm the mama of a 4 year old kid, I guess I'll have to at least learn to tolerate some of it. So, the point is, it's nice to here instead of my previous pastime, responding to religious posts (which they almost ALL are) on the Tulsa newspaper site.
I'm WAY over 40 (56 actually), so I hope all you young whipper-snappers don't mind if I'm here. I wonder if any of these younger members really appreciate what it has been like for our generation(s) to try to make connections with other atheists. I grew up in Indiana and pretty much thought I had invented atheism. I have learned so much over the last five years because of the massive resources available on the internet.
Wow, Ken, you ARE old! Hey, I've been to Indiana - my husband is originally from Plymouth. The best I can say (in my admittedly limited experience there) is "How 'bout dem Colts!". I'm sure my husband has MUCH more to share...
Oh my god (so to speak). You hit the nail right on the head. Throughout my life I had heard about atheists. In my mind, they always looked like Snidley Whiplash, beady-eyed, black-caped villlains who slunk around in dark alleys and offered wormy candy to unsuspecting virgins. People used to say the word "atheist" in hushed tones, the same way they said the word "homosexual" or "masturbation". I still cringe when I hear the word. It's taken me over thirty years to realize that it's not a bad thing to be an atheist, that it's actually a good thing...a great thing. Like you, I have the internet to thank - that and people like you who have made me feel connected.
So....are ya sayin' that I can actually shed my black cape and stop slinking around dark alleys offering wormy candy to unsuspecting virgins? I was actually beginning to enjoy it...
Keep the cape. Capes are just plain sexy.
Yeah, easy for YOU to say. The cape works all year 'round in New Orleans, but here in Tulsa, the only thing they GOT is unsuspecting virgins...




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