Or do you even watch TV at all?
I'm a big PBS fan, we don't have cable because we don't want the kids glued to it all day - instead, they're glued to the computers.
Other than that, I've lost touch ...
I do rent DVD's of Cable TV series; my fav's were Carnivale, 6 Ft. Under and of course the Sopranos, but I haven't started anything up lately. I'll see what, if anything everyone else is watching and pick something up from there.

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I haven't owned a TV in decades, but somehow I manage to watch some series. As far as TV goes, right now I am watching Weeds, which I find really well written, socially aware and very funny. There have been a few shows that really punch at the absurdity of religion. They were a delight. I also really like sci-fi and have been watching Battlestar Gallactica. As far as series go I watch things on evolution, science in general and especially series on art. I'm interested in Aesthetics and the way in which the mind functions with respect to the experience of art.
"There have been a few shows that really punch at the absurdity of religion"

LOL. How about the animated series "Family Guy"? How kool is that?
OK - this is entertainment :-)
Yeah. I saw that. Funny.
We don't watch a lot of "live" TV. Never seem to have the time to watch what is on right now. The stuff that we do watch when it's on is the stuff my mother (80) is watching: Public Television - just about anything, the Colbert Report & the Daily Show. My SO and I rely mostly on Netflix and have gone thru 6 Feet Under, Dead Like Me, Wonder Falls, Freaks and Geeks ( a big favorite). The series we are on now are Carnivale, Fraggle Rock, the Prisoner, Dr. Who and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Edit - Oh! and how could I forget WWE wrestling. If you told me a few years ago I would be watching wrestling I would have said you were nuts. But the SO got me into it and now we watch RAW (taped) every week and he buys old stuff on tape over the internet like D-Generation X. It's like a soap opera for men. You can't watch it live as you'll fall asleep - but when you can fast forward thru the boring talking parts it is actually very amusing. I mean, how can you resist this guy:

I have a habit of keeping the TV on even when I'm doing other things. So I 'watch' a lot of things but really only half watch them.

My must not miss shows are Battlestar Galactica, 24, Lost, Heroes, Stargate Atlantis. I love Dexter but since we don't have showtime I have to catch up when it comes out on DVD. I also watch lots of the History Channel. Speaking of which is anyone going to tune into Evolve starting the 29th?
I consider it defining not only to recognize what I watch but also what I don't watch.

My cable company has seen to it that there are a "multitude" of channels dedicated to religion and beliefs (mostly Christian). I haven't taken the step to ask that they remove these choices from their basic package (and replace them with secular programing) but I'm about to.

Has anyone else had success in the arena of anti-religious TV?
I use a Dish TV satellite receiver to connect to the world of television and out of my 100 basic channels there are 10 offering faith-based programing either exclusively or in very high daily doses.

Check it out... Which of these stations would you be willing to watch?

Vision TV http//:www.visiontv.ca/

Trinity Broadcasting (TBN) http//:www.tbn.org/

Good Samaritan Network http//:www.satisfied-mind.com/directv/chdescframes/Good-Samaritan-Network.htm

Free Speech TV ( ?? http://www.freepress.net/node/39020 ... Faith-Based Community Organizing and Media Reform )

EWTN (Eternal World Television) http//:www.ewtn.com/

Daystar http//:www.daystar.com/

Colours TV http//:www.colourstv.org/ (religious programing from 6am to 1pm daily)

BYU TV http//:www.byutv.org/

Angel One http//:www.skyangel.com/

VTN KVTN http//:www.vtntv.com/ (VTN : Your Arkansas Christian Connection)

I've pretty much had it with cable companies and TV network providers. The above list amounts to 10% of my programing choices daily... Grrrrr..!!!
@Randall "Doc" Fleck said: I use a Dish TV satellite receiver to connect to the world of television

Directv is the same. In fact, here is an oldish article as to why there are so religious networks on satellite tv: Despite Satellite Policy, Ads Fly. It reminds me of the days before cable. My grandmother used to watch that crap every Sunday morning. Now they are on all the time.

You might want to check out Free Speech TV, IIRC, they aren't faith based - In fact, I think they are just the opposite. They are airing a show today at 4pm about the history of Atheism. I wish I got the station, I'd like to watch it to see how slanted it is and which way it bends.
For a first post here, I suppose this one is dubious.

I am a Lost junkie. You could just inject that show directly into my veins and I would be happy. I'm going through serious withdrawal right now. I was also a huge fan of Little Britain. I watch Jon Stewart at Hulu and also enjoy Heroes. I'm really looking forward to the new Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse, and the new J. J. Abrams show, Fringe.
House (for commercial TV fare), PBS, History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Unfortunately the educational channels just aren't what they used to be. Too much fluff.
We rent or buy a lot of movies and documentaries or I'll take a book to the park for a pleasant afternoon.

As a side note, I recommend 'A Rough History of Disbelief' by Jonathan Miller. It's not available on DVD but I was able to download it from Veoh.com. It's the precursor to 'The Atheism Tapes.'
I enjoy the History Channel,PBS,National Geographic some sci fi True Crime, and any movie with Marvel Comics caracters in them.



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